1.    Jan Kreder

2.    Tom Dunbar

3.    Cy Padmore

4.    Jarrod Hubble

5.    Ian Meyer

6.    James Morley

7.    Ryan


A Truly remarkable batting display. It’s pretty much the only sentence I can use that still sums up


Why not pop down to the club on saturday and watch the 1st XI take on Sinjun Grammarians in a



Meet clubhouse at 10.50am

1) Richard Thompson (capt)

2) James Woods

3) Jerry Day

4) Roger White



 If the new slimline version of the old clock worked, it would have said ten to two when half the


Woking and Horsell Cricket Club are holding a Family Fun Day this Sunday 5 July to celebrate the



  1. Jan Kreder             
  2. Tom Dunbar
  3. Ian Meyer 
  4. Jarrod Hubble
  5. Toby Green
  6. James Morley             
  7. Ryan Pogson (c)
  8. Giles Green

It was a beautiful Sunny day…with the 4s were playing Ashtead at Woking Park.

The cricket however was


In the baking sun the 1st XI travelled to Churt and confident after our first meeting set out to make


The longest day of the year and the skipper wins the toss and decides to field. Strange, I know, but

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