Welcome everyone to the 2009 cricket season at Woking & Horsell.  Let’s hope that the weather is kinder to us this year.

For the second year running we will be offering the club shirts supported by sponsorship from “Esso” and they will be on sale at the subsidised price of £10.  (N.B. This will be for one shirt per colt player – if additional shirts are required they will be at the full price). 

As usual there are a number of important points to bring to your attention and I would ask that you do read these carefully. 

  1. Pre Registration Evening – Wednesday 22nd April from 6.30 to 8.00 at the club house on Brewery Road.  Please bring cheque books or cash!    
  2. 2009 Subscriptions – This year subscriptions will remain unchanged from 2008 - £60 for the first colt in a family and £45 for each additional sibling, this includes all match fees for the full season.  Under 8’s subscriptions are £45 and £30 respectively.  This year we will issuing a complimentary new club cap to each paid up colt as part of the subscription.
  3. Friday training - starts 24th April – The times for 1st May are:
    U8’s, U9’s, & U12’s             Club ground (Brewery Road)         6.00 to 6.55
    U10’s & U11’s                      St Andrew’s School, Horsell          6.15 to 7.30 
    U13’s to U15’s                     Club ground (Brewery Road)         7.00 to 8.00
    U17’s                                     Club ground (Brewery Road)        Tony Bennett to Advise

    Please note that these times will apply for the first two weeks of training only.  After this the times will revert to 6-00 to 7-10 and 7-15 to 8-30, except for the St Andrew’s times which will remain unchanged.  Please ensure the children arrive promptly for the start of their session.
  4. VOLUNTEERS – We are again ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE for more parents to become involved in the tasks associated with the workings of the Club in order to continue our success and we need YOU to volunteer.  Most of the roles needed have nothing to do with cricket but just the running of a volunteer club – so if you know nothing about cricket you can still help.  I cannot over-emphasise the importance of this.  None of us get paid for this and we all need to share in the running of the Club for the benefit of our children.   
  5. PARKING -   Please avoid parking on the grass verge opposite the club house and remind others who may not know if you see them parking there.
  6. DOGS - Please do not bring any dogs to the ground.  Being a sporting facility there are obvious reasons why dogs are banned from the area.
  7. DROPPING OFF & COLLECTION – Please note that we can only be responsible for your children when they are under our supervision during the period of training.  Please ensure that they are dropped off safely and that you come into the Club ground to pick them up at the end of training.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, Membership Secretary Gillian Head, or your age-group manager.  I do hope that the sun will shine and that we will have a very enjoyable and successful season.

David Le Brocq
WHCC Colts Chairman

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