Streatham 59 (P Richardson 5-12)

by Simon Vicos

A festival of good bowling?, a batting tragedy?, some dubious umpiring? Well a bit of all three really.

Once we had posted our rather paltry 77 (only one duck, how does that work?) you could have been forgiven for thinking we’d be back at Brewery Road by 4.30.  Because of our poor batting show Wearney was subjected to some the oppo’s thoughts of who we’d be getting relegated with and their scorer said it was one of the worst batting displays he’d seen.

Only one way to counter that then, early wickets and lots of them !. I didn’t hear too much chirp when they 1 for 3 and then soon after it became 9 for 4. By now the massed ranks of passionate Bulldog support (come on who else takes 11 away?) were thinking a most unlikely of victories could be on. As always there are on or two partnerships in an innings that develop and need to be broken and Morlers duly obliged with a stunning caught and bowled without breaking stride followed by his trademark showboat celebration. I can’t remember who got their dangerman out on 27 but he walked past us muttering something like “clammy fronts” or something similar.  By now it was 49 for 7 and I was desperately trying to find a local company with an 11 seater taxi for them!. It was good to see us go in for the kill and knock them over for 58 to complete an amazing turnaround and duly secure another 13 to keep last week’s maximum company. It also enabled Couch to do his best David Pleat impression in the outfield.

Dikko’s bowling figures of 5 for 12 probably won’t be bettered this season, Damo managed to bore a couple of them out by bowling 11 maidens in 18 overs. Glenn with two wuckets and Morlers with a vital one considering his first over (of assorted pies) meant that all the bowlers played a part. We may have let ourselves down with the bat but our display with the ball certainly made up for it.

Obviously it was back to W&H to find out that all four of the clubs teams had won and the Stella began to flow freely ("It was certainly flowing freely for the Mentalist who decided that he was off home as soon as the time came for him to buy a round!!" - Ed) . I had a call at 1am from the Bulldog to tell me they were walking to Al Pasha and that Damo was kicking him, in the background I could hear Mrs Bulldog ringing a bell shouting “bring out your dead”. What more proof could anyone need that 13 points dramatically improves everyone’s weekend.

COME ON !!!!!!!


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