WHCC 171 AO (J Morley 64, D Gibney 42)

Egham 123-9 (D Honey 4-36, G Morley 4-12)

by Simon Vicos

Two unbeaten sides but W&H sending for more re-enforcement’s than Custer at Little Big Horn. However, what a refreshing change to see three figures on the board for only one wicket down. A good start at long last and with 150 up with 14 overs to go we should have got 220 at least (in my opinion). But I think Egham bowled well to keep us down to 171. “First Drop in 3 years” became “First 50 in two years” after a well earned 64, ably assisted by Smithers who stuck in there for two hours for 42 (Yawn…….only joking, Mr Burn’s was on the phone saying “Excellent !”) A Partnership of 103 put us well and truly in control. It was a shame Smithers didn’t make 50 but we don’t have lights at Brewery Road !. The remaining batsmen I think will look back on it as an opportunity missed to have a bit of fun but what do I know, I only serve beer and only eat pies rather than bowl them.

Egham started well, but just as things seemed to be getting away from us we fought back and claimed vital wickets at vital times to ensure they never really got going again. Yet another 4 wicket haul for the Rhino (now the leading wicket taker) and also 4 for Glenn (bionic knee working well) took the game away from them. They shut up shop a bit and although we got them 9 down, I thought they deserved to hold out for a losing draw while we didn’t do quite enough to claim another 13.

We used to struggle to bowl teams out, but now we have the bowlers and the catches are (by and Large) sticking more often. 29 Wickets claimed in the first three games in a higher standard of cricket shows we have nothing to fear. We’re still not firing with the bat but I’m sure that will come. With Couch prowling the outfield wanting to bowl, Toby Green snarling and straining at the leash and Giles and Regan back in contention, this weeks selection should prove to be a tough one.

All in all a pretty satisfying 4 points, 2nd in the league and the bar quite busy, made it another good saturday. “Trolley Man” was unavailable for selection so I had to ring around and get Sean Lacey to fill the position. A few others turned up and we almost had a crowd. The language may have been fresh and fruity but they buy beer by the truckload !.

Damo and Tommo, how many times are you two going to have your race to the ball entitled “I’m slower than you, no you’re not I am !” an awful sight indeed the first time round, by your third go the Egham batsmen were laughing at you.. However the highpoint for me was Walshy’s rather ungainly “Human Bridge” kindly built to enable the ball to speed through you. Lead by example young man! And not just in the bar.

Q : How can you crash your Car when you are batting ?

Answers on a postcard, the best one wins a night out with Damo. Second Prize, two nights out with Damo.


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