WHCC 197-3 dec - Glenn 101*, Dog 47

Old Hamptonians 198-4

by Munge

Well, thats it for another year then.  The dream is over.  The fact is we were well beaten by a team we would expect to beat and probably would have done had it not been for the 7 regulars we had missing.

As seems to be the norm lately we lost the toss and were put in on a lively track.  The Dog looked nervous as his football team were all on the sidelines barracking him, presumably to make up for the missing turncoat Mentalists stream of abuse.  Thommo was out early but this brought Glunn to the wicket who presumably knew that with the weakened team he would have to perform (and with the thought of his two previous innings as captain in the back of his mind).  They both started setting about the bowling, Dog particularly enjoying the short straight boundary which meant that his usual chips straight down long ons throat were sailing over for 6.  He was bowled for 47 which meant that the "Every dog has its day" headlines will have to wait.  Toby Aldred joined Glunn and after getting off the mark first ball - very rare for Pinsent - he seemed to relax and started carving the ball to all parts for a quick 30 before he was out.  By this time Mutch had made it to 98, and a quickly taken two had brought him his first league ton at W&H.

The lightest 1st team of the season (missing four of its larger members) made its way onto the field and with the large total on the board, how could things go wrong??  But go wrong they did.  We didn't bowl very well as a team and we were soon doing all lot of ball chasing.  Glunn got their Aussie out as he seems to do at will which brought in the youngest looking first eleven player I have ever seen.  Dog took an extremely sharp chance at slip which would have needed a look from the third umpire to confirm or deny and although the feeling was that it was out, the umpires gave the benefit of the doubt, either that or the dog just didn't bark loud enough or the umpires felt sorry for the kid.  Maybe we weren't playing LBWs either!!  To be honest the wheels really came off for the last 30 or 40 runs, ragged bowling and some uninspired fielding all added up to a deserved second place, but to be honest at least we made it a contest for most of the game.

Attention turned to the bar and the H-R ratings.  Thommo obviously deciding that with so many people away he was going to drink himself up about ten places.  In scenes reminiscent of the infamous, "Oh, I'd rather be a *********  than a Blue evening", he downed a double port and aftershock and is probably checking into the Priory now.  Thommo - Thanks very much for writing, "Munge is a Tosser" on the whiteboard having rubbed off all the days scores.  He was rightly fined £5 for living in Hampshire.

Thanks go to the fans that did turn up to watch, so at least people couldn't sing S*it team, no fans at us and thanks in particular to Couch who went to fetch the ball when it was smashed out of the ground, when Hamps couldn't be bothered..

And probably the largest thanks to Willy for playing when we were short, giving us his insight and perception as well as his sheer enthusiasm!!

Also, a quick congratulations to the twos and make sure you do the job next week.  Nice to see Steve Wilmshurst in the runs.  What do you think Couch??


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