Horsley and Send 124-5 - G Morley 4-26

by Simon Vicos

Another Saturday and another hugely disappointing result. Asked to bat first Tommo and Regan settled down quickly enough, Tommo in particular blunting the new ball and Regan firing a couple of quick boundaries, just as they seemed to be getting comfortable Tommo got his first bad ball, an easy two was turned into a needless run out and something promising became 15-1. Regan continued to chance his arm and moved quickly to 26 before becoming the new Toby Green and wasting all his good work by holing out pointlessly.

Glenn and Quaggy carried the score on, Glenn in particular playing some great shots along the way. However four quick wickets went down, Glenn (27), Quaggy (21),  Dikko (after 4 balls) and Ross (to another peach) all fell in the space of a few overs and we had stumbled from a very healthy 76-2 to 87-6.

The wickets continued to fall with alarming regularity and although Damo treated us to a late cameo by effortlessly helping himself to 11 before Ben was out for two, we had done it again, shot ourselves in the foot massively by being knocked over for 123 when we really needed at least 150, and should really have got 175 plus from the position we were in.

So yet again we were looking to the bowlers to get us out of jail, the key wicket was the dangerous Gasson. Get him we did by way of a brilliant catch from Dean off Glenn’s bowling, but in the context of the match his 45 was every bit as hurtful as his effort last season. Glenn produced his best bowling of the season taking four wickets, the other falling to Dikko and at one point we hauled ourselves back in the game by way of two wickets in two overs to turn 84-3 into 84-5. At that point the game was up for grabs, however, we couldn’t dislodge the next two and they slowly ground out a 50 partnership to win the game and leave us still looking for that first win.

It may not be pleasant, but after 4 games, league tables tend not to lie. We’re down at the bottom looking up at the rest, but we’re there on merit gentlemen. As a team we have been frankly awful with the bat, we’ve bowled well enough but we haven’t given ourselves a chance to put the opposition under any real pressure. So far we have been bowled out three times for 298 runs, the average partnership therefore is less than 10 !!

Losing is fine and will happen to the best teams, but, we need to dig in and grind out some results, as Walshy often says, we are not here to engage with spiders. It’s time to put some wins on the board and get up the table. It’s frustrating as hell to watch a side with so many good players fail to produce so I can only guess how frustrating it is to be out there, but as they say form is temporary, can we live up to the second part of the statement?

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