Camberley 232-4 dec

WHCC 204-8

by Simon Vicos

8 games left, a trip to the team in 2nd, no Dikko, no Surridge and no bowling from Ross, not exactly good preparation for a  game we had to takesomething from.

On a 250 track (according to the skipper) we asked Camberley to bat. Morlers was surprisingly asked to open the bowling in tandem with Roger. For the first 12 overs the score meandered along at two an over with neither of the Camberley players taking too many chances. Morlers bowled well and kept a tight line resulting in his 7 overs going for only 8. Damo was then brought in to try and tempt a wicket and this he did, clean bowling his man. The fall of this wicket resulted in an increase in the scoring as for a while, their number 3 batsmen just threw his bat at everything, the ball spent a large amount for time in the air but unluckily for us did not find any waiting hands (just Quaggy's cymbals). With the scoring increasing at a worrying rate Damo was forced to switch ends and Quaggy was asked to hold onto the ball long enough so that he could bowl.

It was Quaggy who took the second wicket as finally the number 3 edged one and Giles took a regulation catch. Camberley were using the wide open spaces in the huge outfield to take 2's and 3's as well as smash the occasional boundary when the chance arrived.  Damo nicked out a third and at 110-3 with
25 overs to go we still had a lot to do, but so did Camberley to set a reasonable target. However, it was at this point that Kaminski decided to launch an all out assault, mostly on Damo. He blasted some huge sixes into the clubhouse and aided by some unselfish batting at the other end managed to monopolise the strike while speeding past his fifty. Damo managed to
clean bowl another but with the score rattling on past 200 things were not looking good for us. Finally, on 97 Kaminski played his one poor shot which Regan gobbled up to leave him stranded and to add insult to injury he had a few words from Regan to chew over as he walked back. At this point Camberley declared leaving us to chase 235.

So a solid start was needed as Toby and Regan went out, having batted for quite some time it was surprising to see Kaminski open the bowling but I suppose he was fired up by the sight of Regan at the crease. With only three balls bowled Toby played no shot and was sent packing. In the next over Quaggy got one that he played all round and the unpleasant sound of flying bails gave us a huge headache.

So once more Glenn made his way out at crisis point. No sooner had he got there when Regan survived a huge appeal for a caught behind, the whole Camberley team were going mad and more words were exchanged, it was only good captaining from Udal (the slightly thicker skinned one) that diffused the situation. It proved not to be a costly escape as Regan was removed leg before by the man he had himself removed, yet again a few words were said to accompany him as he walked back.

Ross lasted only a few overs before he served up an easy catch and we were in all kinds of trouble at 22-4, It looked at this stage that we were going to be humiliated if someone didn't dig in.

Adam and Glenn began thefightback and both weathered the storm and saw off the openers before working the ball around the field. They carried the score on to 75 before Adam finally fell for a hard-earned 24.

Morlers was really the last of the recognised batsmen and he spent nearly half an hour simply protecting his wicket before finally cutting loose with consecutive fours to great applause. Glenn was beginning to take the game to the Camberley bowlers as the two of them first dragged us past the hundred mark and then, began to play some superb shots, taking us past 150. From the disaster that was 22-4 we had by now somehow earned a chance of actually winning the game. The tension grew with each ball as we all hoped these two remained at the crease, they even got the run rate down to a run a ball at one stage. In fact the tension was so great that we forgot to applaud Glenn on reaching his fifty so instead we gave him a bit of a clap on reaching the milestone that is 52 !

Just as we were all anticipating a superb victory Morlers was adjudged leg before and departed for 42, bearing in mind his only other game this season had resulted in a duck, this was a real test of character in a difficult situation.

Within minutes of Morlers departure Glenn was clean bowled and our chance of winning the game was gone. His 83 was yet another example of him digging us out of a hole, one day he might actually get the chance to cut loose and help himself to the ton he deserved.

Camberley at this point had a slight sniff of victory and Walshy had one task, bat the game out to ensure we took a point. Roger stuck around for a while before exiting with a few balls to spare. And it was a very relieved W&H camp once Walshy had survived the final ball, although not as relieved as Damo who been pacing around on his own, padded up and shitting himself!!.

Although Camberley controlled ¾ of the game it was good to see us show a bit of backbone and grind a point out when earlier in the season we would have folded. I was impressed with Camberley who looked the best side we have faced. For the first time this season we have gone two games unbeaten, let's make it three this Saturday as we badly need the points.


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