WHCC 188-8 dec - I Meyer 75

Mitcham 189-3

by M

Well, lets try and take the positives first.  Quaggy's fantastic run continues, scoring the runs that the old Quaggy would have scored.  Glenn looks in good touch and as Po said on the way home, he's going to score some big runs very soon, plus we batted all the way down this week where as last year we probably would have been shot out for 120. Unfortunately that's about it.  We didn't bowl very well and quite frankly we were very poor in the field and when that happens you often get what you deserve and we did.  Where it all went wrong no-one is quite sure especially after a pretty decent warm up session, I exclude Mr Aldreds 'mare from that.  The northern hemisphere also proved their superiority (had to get that in), off the field anyway, in their victory in "Marco ball", god knows what you call that game.  Anyway on to the match.

An ok start with Motty playing one fantastic cut\thrash through extra cover and Po finding the sweet timing that had been characteristic of last week but they were both back in the building across the other side of the road with 25 on the board and with the ball moving around and the odd one spitting off the pitch the Morley brothers found the going quiet tough.  Ross was next to go, "this lot don't bowl any pies" was his comment back in the hutch but I think his motivation for getting out was clearly the £3.95 steak he kept banging on about next door.  This brought Quag to the crease and with Glenn we started to get back in the game.  Glenn was looking particularly good and he played some delightfiul shots but was cut short in his prime, caught by the man at deep square catching him without using his hands which probably saved Mitcham an insurance job as the ball was heading for the road at pace.  Next up was Porters as Quag started to dominate with his straight driving and the score moved on slowly but positively.  Poters came and went and was fairly quickly followed by Aldred who despite hitting a four off his first ball had his pins re-arranged by their overseas.  Coming out to bat M was given the helpful advice that Toby didn't really know what the bowler was doing, fairly obvious looking at the state of his stumps.  M and Quag put on a useful 35, with Quag doing the majority of the scoring, both on the field and in the scorebook.  After Quag was caught in the deep M took over with a brief cameo but was left disappointed with the 5 he was given in the scorebook especially having deposited their left armer out of the ground for six.  Surely I'm not that fat.  Quaggy would probably be disappointed that he looks like me with the bat though

Good tea.  Note - Giles turned up up just in time for a free tea probably having not eaten for several days.

It all started fairly well with the ball, we took a couple of wickets early on with 40 on the board but the wheels came off after that.  The fielding scene was set by M who having done the hard work to get to the ball to run the batsmen out decided to throw the ball to third slip instead.  Fortunately that didn't cost too much as Ross removed him, but the fielding didn't get above lethargic.  A crucial catch went down which might have made a difference but the way we were going, probably not.  The end to the game befitted much of what had gone on before, Mitcham winning with a massive Portlock wide\no ball.  His comment that he hadn't been told it was reverse swinging cost him 50p!  Anyway, on to next week, Honor Oak who are also down there.


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