Chertsey 206 -7 dec

WHCC 167 ao - A Singh 47

by Andew Murphy

Dear, oh dear oh dear, what an earth was that!? A very poor start to the season and a performance that didn't bear much resemblance to the championship winning side of last year.  Ok, maybe the team didn't bear a great resemblance to last year either with several players missing, but even so that was a poor showing.  The missing players won't be too concerned about their places for the forthcoming league season and I doubt Camberley (this Saturdays opposition) will be quaking in their boots either.

The fielding, bar Hobbsy and Gihans excellent early catch, was very ordinary even given the bumpy nature of the outfield which was its typical April self.  The strange thing was how well we started, Roger White got back into the swing of things picking up where he left off last year with two early wickets and Mark, coming on first change, took four wickets to leave Chertsey in touble at 100-7.  The problem was that from this point onwards the fielding got more and more ragged, at one point Ammo ran past the ball, turned, ran back stepped over it again as it trundled over for four.  One thing that I didn't want to write but I guess I'm going to have to, is that we missed Hanks slow bowling. Stand in captain Porters took a terrible tonking off one over with Ashley Cook and several cars taking evasive action.

The batting didn't exactly set the world alight either and we were very soon 15-3 and in trouble.  Chertsey showed that taking catches and bowling in the right areas at least reasonably consistently does help and wickets fell at fairly regular intervals.  The one bright spot was Hobbsy tucking into their spinners with a breezy 33. The overall verdict was, "a lot of improvement needed."  However on a positive note, we lost to Chertsey last year and won the league.  Divison One is unlikely to be quite so inviting. 

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