Camberley 161-8 dec

WHCC 162-6 - A Portlock 59*, P Day 32

by Roger White

Well, well, well – a much inspired team performance from the Twos saw them to a start of the season victory and 13 points in the bag. You could tell the team was up for this one with a pre-game warm-up( much to the captain’s dismay) led by Mark Surridge. Last season saw warm-ups being relegated to a couple of catches and the Captain expending energy losing the toss. This time the warm up seemed to work as Steve won a toss, giving us the opportunity to put Camberley in and limit their scoring to a gettable total. Must be something in this warm-up, skip?

The team took the field and were rather quiet through the first couple of overs, possibly because everyone was focussing on the task at hand. Adam Portlock lifted the team in the fielding department with a fine display. Attacking the ball to limit singles and chasing hard to restrict the runs and support the bowler. His efforts in the field were rewarded with two catches and a run-out. The run out occurring after I graciously grassed a difficult chance to allow him all the glory. This did not help Peter in getting onto the score sheet though. Camberley started off rather well supported by some good fortune. They had 15 after 3 overs but some quick wickets halted their run start and seemed to take the fight away from them. Peter Hobbs was unfortunate not to take a wicket in the early stages as he beat the bat regularly or was edged into space. The introduction of Mark Surridge meant that the responsibility of restricting Camberley and taking wickets was left to the mature members of the team. Mark certainly did not disappoint and was soon in the scorebook. A catch comfortably pouched by Adam. Mark was soon to claim another with “Amo” Singh holding onto a scintillating catch from a very hard and well struck drive . The joy of the wicket was soon surpassed by the antics of Amo as he wrung his soft pre-season hands in pain and leapt around the park. Camberley continued to bat cautiously as they struggled to 90 odd for 7. Steve Hawkins alias Hankins and Eddie Smith worked hard to try capture some wickets but unfortunately, Camberley remained resolute. Eventually reaching 161-8 after 55 overs. A score the  “boys” were happy to chase.

(Roger White 4-53 off 19, Mark Surridge 3-13 off 11)

Mark Surridge and Amo Singh started off the W&H innings rather well with both batsmen timing the ball well and knocking Camberley’s main bowler out of the attack. Amo was undone by the pitch when a ball climbed rather unexpectedly on him and he pushed the ball to gully. I then joined Mark at the crease and felt it was going to be my day when I was presented with a nice half volley second ball up. Mark (24) and I continued to press for runs before he was undone by a rather dubious lbw decision. Adam Portlock (59no) then strode to the wicket and instantaneously set about getting the runs. Pushing the ball around with much ease and making me run hard for each run. Rumour had it that he was under selection pressures back home as Kate was setting about forming her club fantasy league team. He certainly impressed, scoring runs freely and mixing aggressive shots with cheeky singles. Life was looking easy as I set about feeding him the strike. Unfortunately, a rush of blood resulted in me lofting a drive to mid off and my day was over. Jon Seward then entered the fray and was also intent on pushing the ball around. Unfortunately, his innings ended a little prematurely as he was beaten by the ball. Peter Day was next in and started off circumspectly. However, after been pushed hard by Adam he decided the only way to stop being chased between stumps was to hit the ball over the boundary. A few lusty blows rapidly moved him to 32. Hitting a six to the longest part of the ground and later claiming he never timed the shot. I look forward to seeing him hit a timed shot as I doubt there is any field big enough to restrict him. In all this time, Adam was still playing good positive cricket. On 49, Adam lived dangerously by lofting a drive right of Mid-on who thankfully could only get one hand to it and put it down. Just when we were thinking Adam had used his get out of jail card he chose to then run the single and take on the arm of the fielder. Scrambling a single in the knick of team and earning a well played innings of  50. When 8 runs were required, Peter impatiently decided to finish the game and was bowled trying to hit the ball back to Woking. Jason Bird then marched to the crease after spending a half hour warm-up session walking his baby all over Camberley club. It obviously had some effect as he smacked two fours to the deep mid-wicket boundary and finished the game. (Adam Portlock – 59 NO, Peter Day - 32, Mark Surridge -24)

Man of the Match : Adam Portlock

Wally of the day : Roger White – for thinking he had scored major points selecting Adam and himself in his fantasy league team only  to find out afterwards the competition  starts on the 10 May.

Quote of the day : “ Top of Div 1” –Steve Hankins

Training tip : Adam to play less shots in the air because “he is too good a player to give the opposition a chance.” Hanks ( or is it Hawks)

Chirp of the Day : “ I set the field, you just bowl.” Said tongue in cheek when Roger White ( bowling) asked for the 3rd man to come up.

Moment of the Day : Jason Bird hitting the winning runs.


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