The day started as it would continue and unfortunately not well for the 2s team. Firstly our very own Chissy Rascal blamed his mum for making him late to the meet time and then proceeded to mention that he thought the meet time was anywhere between 11 and 12. This was followed by Havoc arriving with some lame excuse about a meet time of 11:15, to go to Streatham!! Both were piled into the same car and instructed to educate each other on literacy and numeracy skills. An instruction I knew they took seriously as our younger generation study best to loud thumping music.

A wonderful trip through Tooting traffic and 10 minutes to spare had the skipper hurriedly losing the toss and being put into bat. Frantic scenes in the change room were soon brought to a new village level when Matthew H’s realized that he could not blame a mum 17 000 miles away for not packing his whites. Undeterred Matt and James took to the field whilst the rest of the team sorted the absolute chaos and settled down for an afternoon of cricket. Chissy Rascal unpacked his lunch of twelve ham rolls, 24 iced cakes and multitude of sweats and proceeded to have his own little picnic whilst the conversation moved on to internet dating and whether a club evening was a good first date.

..and by the way, Matt and James were nicely moving the score forward with some good measured shot selection. The partnership looked very solid as they applied themselves on a difficult track. A few moments had the skipper’s heart in his mouth as James continued to play his own merry game of chipping the ball just over fielder’s heads. Matt on the other hand just chose to smash it to the boundary and play “fetch that.”A bowling change and a suggestion from Sharaz that the bowler wasn’t a threat soon saw WHCC having to defend a hattrick. James first giving way to being bowled through the gate and Liam edging the first ball received to slip. The next couple of moments can only be described as chaos as the change room resembled Waterloo station on a tube strike day. Matthew H ran into the change room several times looking for a shirt, a helmet or anything that would remotely make him look like his great Australian hero, only to reappear as something that could only be described as Woking’s village idiot, and not unkindly. Naturally he copped many disrespectful comments from the opposition and a few chuckles from his team mates. However, regardless of his cricket fashion sense and the chaos around him Matthew, at the tender age of 17, demonstrated what it means to knuckle down and carve out an undefeated 34.  Matthew stood tall beyond his years and showed us all how to focus on your game and deliver. The game crawled on as WHCC hung onto every run to get us to at least a competitive score. Some further rash stroke play and some rather unsavoury words from the home skipper to our square leg umpire continued the great game that was fast turning into a sporting nightmare. Matthew soldiered on whilst all else collapsed around him but at least got us to a somewhat defendable target of 143.

Passionate words from the skipper to the team to fight and scrap for everything soon delivered  a fielding display never yet seen in the 2s team. Opening with Spare Rib and Showboat WHCC pounced on every ball and made scoring difficult for the opposition. Going at 2 runs an over Streatham to their credit batted patiently before Spare Rib struck with 2 caught and bowled chances. Showboat was emaculate at the other end and Streatham soon knew it was not going to be an easy day. Tea saw 20 overs pass and 46 runs on the board with 2 wickets down. Unfortunately, after lunch Spare rib lost his line and Showboat was beginning to show his more senior years. A Zimmer frame was called for Showboat ,the new ball was taken and the young guns in Chissy Rascal and Havoc were requested to get us much needed wickets. Havoc did not disappoint as he distracted there in batsman to top edge a wide long hop, Robocop hobbling around to take a well judged catch, but then followed up 2 more wickets having posed many problems to the batsman. The game was always in Streatham’s favour as the skipper asked more of the players – some would say against all hope – but Havoc, as fierce a competitive, kept running in ball after ball. As a result being rewarded with a 4th wicket as the game drew closer to an end. Even in losing there is victory and I was extremely proud of the boys in restricting Streatham to 42 overs to get our score and in making it a competitive game in taking 7 wickets. With continued fight in all our games we will have greater victories.

Is there a moral story to this day?

I am reminded of the scene in the movie Lion King when Simba meets the very wise monkey. Simba was bemoaning the unfortunate position he finds himself in when the monkey wallops him on the head with the staff. Simba complains and asked what that was for to which the monkey replied “ what does it matter, it’s in the past.” The point being that it matters what you do about what lies ahead of you. It was not a pleasant game, we can take many lessons from our young Matthew in sporting mental strength and we can go out this Saturday focused on our game, playing in the right spirit and helping our team to be successful. The season is still young and this team should believe it can challenge the top table – lets show our true colours.

MOM – Havoc : A tough decision – Matthew was fantastic in all departments bar his kit but at the end of the day my vote goes to Havoc for his 4 wickets and solid fielding performance – The Never Say Die Man.

Tango moment : Chissy Rascal’s harbor bridge on the boundary and then walking around in circles having lost the ball. Only for Umair to arrive and pick the ball up from just over the boundary rope.

The Seeker : Spare Rib finding the ball in the thick vegetation where everyone else failed

The Actors :

Chissy Rascal – Callum Chisolm

Havoc – Oli Guy

Spare Rib- Jac Afsal

Showboat – David Gibney

Robocop – Sharaz Hussein

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