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19 June 2010
Alleyn and Honor Oak

Another Saturday and one would be forgiven to think that we left the worst of last week behind us in preparing for our game. It even started off well with the bowling machine set-up by 12 noon and most of the field preparation completed by 12:15. Even Stoned was presented with a cup of tea on arrival and the skipper was provided with a good bag of biltong by Mrs Hargan, known to most of the team as Mom and others as Kaye. It surely was going to be a good day.  ..and then it started. Billy offered to step in as umpire for a bit, their skipper was unhappy for consistency reasons for Billy to stand at an end.  Mom Hargan intervened, instructing Billy to umpire, immediately becoming the 2s heroine, and the game started under normal playing conditions.

The Tank and Detective opened the batting and we were soon off to a boundary start with Tank putting away a nice full toss. Skipper took up a comfortable seat which soon was made uncomfortable as the Tank departed LBW to the 4th ball of the game. This brought returning Chip Fat to the crease supported by encouragement of his form up north. The Tank was soon visited by the Detective, having feather -edged a delivery to the keeper and our changing room once again was starting to look like Waterloo station. Chip Fat soon followed with a dubious decision which had our scorer wondering if it was LBW or caught behind and Yorkshire Pudding and Sideshow were also back in the change room having not troubled the score much. 19 runs on the board and half the team back in the change room was a real cause for concern as the skipper turned from encouraged to downright despondent. A quick round of boundary bowls was suggested to ease the skippers mind. Yesterday was now trusted with the responsibility of applying himself at the crease and fighting for the team. He did not disappoint as he mixed caution with good selection. Anil supported him well at his first show for WHCC and showed he was a cricketer to take note of. The boundary bowls team, having not performed on the field, suggested that the recovery was down to them not changing a thing and playing bowls. This was proven to be true as a break in the “bowls” game had Anil, who was extremely comfortable, being undone by a ball that stayed in the wicket. Spare-rib joined Yesterday  as the next panic levels set in and bar a few lusty blows was back in the change room with the rest of the team. At this stage it was only Yesterday who read the situation and was applying himself superbly at the crease. Yesterday was joined by my “man with the big heart” (and some would say ego J) as the boundary bowls team took to another game in seeking some divine intervention. It came in the guise of yesterday and Havoc as they soldiered through the storm and soon pushed us passed the 100 mark. The boundary bowls team kept up the game throughout to will on the divine intervention further. Yesterday applied himself magnificently whilst Havoc provided the much needed support. Nearing the 40 over mark, the umpteenth time of boundary bowls and Yesterday reaching a well played 50, Yesterday dispatched a ball out of the park. The skipper was called upon for a replacement ball, a shiver went through the boundary bowls team, the ball was retrieved in the interim and sadly Yesterday was bowled next ball. Chissy Rascal joined Havoc, another lusty blow to the boundary and our innings was complete on a low but defendable 141. The Boundary bowls team in unanimous agreement that the 75 runs 9th partnership was all down to them keeping the cricketing gods more than happy.

WHCC new that a good start was key and a win was the only possible result. Havoc took the first over whilst Chissy Rascal rounded off the opening show. Both gave us the start we needed, removing the two openers with little on the scoreboard. The skipper turned early to our spin king and following a few loose deliveries was soon on track. Anil showed his class as he mixed good spin with variety. Always troubling the bat and WHCC was tightening the screws. Then came the next moment of the match as Anil trapped their no 4 without playing a shot. Billy raised the finger and decent and poor sportsmanship raised its ugly head. Young Sideshow offered helpful advised on the location of the cold tap in the shower which brought further retaliation. The game enjoyed a further interruption as their no 4 continued to remonstrate and the two skippers had a brief chat. Their skipper claiming he did not want to speak to the guy just yet in case he gets “a bat over his head.” The skipper with encouragement from his bowls team came on next and soon claimed his first 2 wickets. WHCC was starting to take control as the opposition struggled to get through the field. The No 4 returned after his shower and no doubt found the cold tap as he began to explain to Sideshow on the boundary how useful he found the information. Another delay in the game and further intervention by the two skippers got the game back on track and Anil and Bus-pass soon removed another two batsman.  The skipper then moved to young Chissy to rap the game up and with his extra pace and accuracy soon claimed wickets whilst the skipper returned with a wicket on his first over of the returning spell to end the game.

An interesting game of cricket in all respects but most importantly was the 13 point result. Our bowling and fielding over the last few weeks has certainly been our strength – time for our top 5 to join the party.

MOM : “Yesterday “– a brilliant knock under pressure – Jerry Day

Tango Moment : The Bowls team

Actors :

Bowling Team : Richard Thompson, Mat Lock, Liam Monaghan, Roger White

Yesterday – Jerry Day

Chip fat – James Woods

Tank – Richard Thompson

Detective – Matt Lock

Havoc – Oli guy

Chissy Rascal – Calum Chisolm

BusPass – Roger White

Spare Rib – Jac Afsal

Mom – Mrs Hargan/ Kaye

Billy – William Hargan

Stoned– Helen Stone

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