Staines & Laleham 186ao

 Charlie Johnson 4-29

 Woking & Horsell 191-2

 Saf Nawaz 54no

Kaqhan Zafar 50 no

Dave Bennett 45

 Won by 8 wickets

Man of the match Charlie Johnson

 The rich ripple of the shallow proof of summer’s mellowness upon the under turf of extreme challenge they call sport.  Day of grace and merriment destroyed by more tension than a bungee cord.  Are the black crows on the gladiatorial zone a sign that doom lies ahead, the seed not sown or are they playing at Wokfeast? Who knows?

 The blanket above graduates slowly by the zephyr conspiracy or are we paper players in life’s cluedo?  Screaming hallow, anguish or too much trifle are the astonishment of broken glass.  Is Faisel’s brother a mirage or a convenient passer by to change the scoreboard?  Challenge the moment, be dealt fairly, but how can it when we alas do not understand if the sky is one or made up from millions of different pieces.  Who Knows?

 The embracement of cheese sandwiches are no illusion but if the squirrel can scuba dive through the coral reef of desire why can’t parachuting lamas play snooker with blinkers on?  Economic with the truth, wood pigeons are not made of wood. Give me a smile and I show you a monkfish that can whistle the theme tune to Eastenders.  Everyone knows that not all balloons are red.  Why is there only one monopoly commission?  Who knows?

 Debate as much as you like, were Edward II, Richard II, Henry VI and Edward V murdered, was Richard III a murderer. Lady Jane Grey and Charles I were publicly torn apart. If it wasn’t for the Russians would a famous south London train station been called Agincourt or Crecy?  Who Knows?

 Crystal solutions for a broken scenario.  Colour Orange or the fruit, which came first.  Engulfment of excitement as dawn closes, acceleration of gaping columns, impact of the tournament. Where are the volunteers of the hunt, not there, I can see them, but they are not there.  Indicative of naked pressure, there’s no visible flames but torture of kindred spirits, pull the line, fight the fight, trial the humming bird of love and summers will burn eternally.  What’s the point of having the word dictionary in a dictionary? Who Flippin knows?


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