Southern Railway & Kenley 91ao

Shiraz Hussain 4-12

Gagan Kumar 3-22

Woking & Horsell 95-3
Won by 7 wickets

Man of the match Shiraz Hussain

With Alistair Darling looking to move the goalposts it is likely that public sector debt is going to exceed 40% of the national income. A Gordon Brown golden rule will be broken.  Is it a master stroke or a cunning plan Darling?

 The economy is in a state of stagflation, is the base rate to go up or down? The price of doughnuts is a major impact on the BR, even though Ben Revell is a great contributor to the supply and demand of tea time doughnuts we are in fact talking about the Base Rate.  However, custard creams show the elasticity of the supply and demand graph quite nicely in the eyes of the market, the 3rd team fielder.

This is a load of rubbish and I'm struggling to write anything stupid. I am no Adam Smith let alone Peter Smith, a man who does know his current liabilities from his fixed assets.

 The treasury officials are rewriting the government’s fiscal rules and quite frankly wish they could rewrite this.  Where are the Npower girls when you need them?  The cost of electricity is going up and I want to see some value for my money, if not a few sparks will do.  Show me a socket and I will give you a plug.  I can’t stand around all day with a coat hanger in my hand hoping my telly will work if a starling lands on it flapping its wings like a wind turbine.

 Do we charge extra for cricket teas? Yes it will encourage growth but will it spark inflation or deflation.  I just don’t want to be around after those egg sandwiches.  The crisps do crunch but not as much as the scale and the scum of the the pavilion kettle.

 Does the club look at a gilt-edged funding, sell some of it assets, however the teddies and the pictures in the tea room are not technically the theres, economists’ speculate that this could amount to corporate fraud.

 Apologies for this piece of complete utter recessional garbage, blame Mr Darling not me. I’m off to find some cheap fish fingers.

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