WHCC 125 ao

Dulwich 129-2

by Paul Fortescue

Early match form was continued as the 3rd XI started their league season with the skipper losing the toss for the 3rd home game in a row. It would be tempting to say that the toss was important, but as always, we'll never know. Dulwich adopted a clever seemingly new approach to bowling  - that is straight. They swung and seamed the ball and waited for their chances.  Binary Dunbar (bats and 1 and 10) fell victim to a good ball early and then Gihan used up all the teams lives being dropped on more than one occasion before deftly picking out the keeper. Mouzoures chased a good one before Allan and v.d. Walt picked out good catchers. Throughout all this Mark 'Cakeboy' Worgan demonstrated that he can bring his stubbornness and determination from the tea table to his batting, staying at the crease for more than 20 overs in an excellent performance. Late
entrant Uzman Zafar, who previously spiked his brother's food to get a game then cracked off 23 - the top score as he, Mattocks and Woods restored respectability to the total. Couch and the skipper, contributing few.

Woking took the field with plenty of purpose and belief. The temperature had dropped and it seemed the pitch had improved. Not that you'd know from the skippers bowling which worried 1st slip more than the batsman. Couch briefly challenged the outcome with the brace of wickets in a patchy spell including a superb catch from Zafar in the gulley. Mattocks produced a good spell with a couple of chances that fell into gaps (how the hell do you get an outside edge forward of square?) and v.d. Walt showed more promising signs in the few overs allowed to him.

The fielding performance didn't match up to the standards set against Valley End, but was still quite sharp. Dunbar demonstrated perfectly how to be nutmeged by a cricket ball and the annual ' Dropping of the Dolly against Dulwich' routine continued courtesy of Allan this year. Woodsy continued his 'Fielding like Smithy' form in the fines and Mattocks damaged his shoulder conveniently at the end of his spell. On a positive note, the language skills of the side are developing. We did miss the chirpy Zafar Jnr, his brother a poor replacement in that respect, but there was some serious Afrikaans chuntering from new boys v.d. Walt and Mouzoures, and Couch - well, Couch was there too.


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