W&H 190 ao, Mouzoures 40

Old Whits 163-9, Fortescue 4-33, Dunbar 3-21

by Paul Fortescue

And so it continues. A Fourth lost toss in a row means that Fortescue is surely in contention for the drop. Sent in to bat against Old Whitgift, with the teams ambition to get to tea, enjoy that and get back to the club good and early.

The usual shenanigans preceded the game. Portlock and Hankins (thank you both) on the blower, desperate for a game after Cranleigh blew off the 1's (again!). Uzzy on the phone, desperate for a lift after sleeping in again. Uzzy's little 'bruvva' on the phone - just desperate. Dunbar on the phone, desperate to get out of Basingstoke and Woods Snr on the phone, desperate to get out of Shopping.

A solid start, Dunbar and Worgan just shy of a fifty opening partnership before falling quickly. Thabrew and Mouzoures taking us forward whilst the skipper picked a fight with the Old Whits fixture secretary (another club we can't play friendlies against!). Dunbar bowled round his legs, Worgan nicking their leg cutter to slip, Thabrew missing all five attempts to hit a long hop that bowled him and Mouzoures picking out a fielder with a lofted shot. Allan demonstrated
early the squirrel killing shot that was to be a feature of the Whitgift innings before edging to slip, and Grafton, on his return was bowled by one that cut back into him and avoided the 'swish.'

Zafar continued as only he can with a display of cultured, considered, graceful and elegant wipes across the line. James Woods fell cheaply to another full toss dismissal bringing Woods Snr to the crease. A fine display brought the second top score. The skipper and Wearny brought the innings to a close with some very comedy running between the wickets whilst the rest of the team danced behind the bowlers arm, just to prove a point.

After tea, the rain seemed set, but after several inspections, it started to dry off. Mouzoures' bat was planed off to provide sufficient sawdust and the good spirit between the teams meant that the game restarted, having lost nearly an

Early wickets for Wearne (good catch from Grafton) and Fortescue removed the openers, but the Whitgift 3 & 4 set about crashing anything short or overpitched mercilessly. A fine, clinical display of batting moved the score from 7-2 to
84-3 before a good spell between Dunbar and Fortescue reduced then to 107-6. A knock of 76 from their number 6 (N Flood) included 5 sixes moved Whitgifts passed the winning draw total, but with the bottom 5 contributing a total of 2,
W&H were always in the game, eventually taking the 9th wicket halfway through the final over. Whits had 5 ducks in their innings, with three other bats 4,2, and 0*. Three bats scored all their runs.

An extras total of 4 wides is testament to a good, controlled performance in the field, where all the bowlers had difficulty standing up at the crease and a marked improvement in the field from Woods Jnr another highlight. Whilst 1 point is a meagre retrurn, this was an excellent game of cricket where the result could easily have gone our way. Bring on Chertsey


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