Sanderstead 158 AO - C Wearne 5-29

WHCC 162-4 - M Worgan 76*, Q Nawaz 47*

by Paul Fortescue

Last week Hankins didn't call. This week, the whole world, including Hankins called. They called in their tens and in their hundreds and in the morning and in the evening. The upshot of all this calling was a 3rd XI with six changes from last week. Pete Grafton only knew he was playing 3's 25 minutes before the start time. Even with a dozen changes up and down the club, the 4's put out a good enough side for West Byfleet. A fifth XI is surely on the cards now.

A tense moment. Arrival at the park. Would there be a strip - would there be a tent, or maybe a new block of flats or a statue of someone totally obscure? Actually there were two strips and no obvious impediments. Fantastic. No trip to Goldsunworthy park this week, The toss - he called Heads, so he batted first. 'Nuff said their.

This week's forgotten items were the teapot, and the scoreboard.

Wearny returned to the 3's following an injury. He and the skipper opened the bowling to the brothers Devaney. There must be short boundaries at Cow in Sanderstead, because from the first ball the wipe was the only shot on offer. Okay, the full bungers were put away, but such was the insistence on the wipe that Wearny was driven to ask " Is there something on telly you need to get back for?" Realising that this was the case, the bat had yet another wipe, and Wearny took the C&B chance. The skipper only pitched one ball in his spell, but it was enough to account for the other opener, surprisingly enough  owled by an in-ducker!

Wearny dismissed the number 3 quickly. A good catch by Matt at point, with Qasier doing a good job of getting out of the way following an assertive call. 23-3 and things were looking up. The fourth wicket put on 78 though, capitalising on a tiring Wearne, taking advantage of Qasier's struggle to find line and length and being bored to death by Dunbar. Qas found his  rhythm after cursing the hill ( welcome to the park) and had the next batsman caught brilliantly by Zafar at extra.

Sanderstead dug in and little seemed to be happening. Smithy and Matt bowled steadily but they passed 100 with little further incident. Wearny came back, much to Smithy's annoyance and had the number 6 caught by Grafton at slip. Smith, back on at the other end found a little more help in the track and had the top scorer caught by Grafton in the gulley for 39. It was 107-6. S'stead fought hard, with nobody offering cheap wickets. Wearne had another before needing a 'jug avoidance break' with 4 wickets, the skipper had another caught by Zafar. Dunbar made another catch for Matt before Wearny came back for his third spell, to pick up his 5 with a gentle lob to Smithy at Silly mid.

9 Catches and no drops except for a couple of half chances. Good fielding, but too much loose stuff being bowled. Whether straining for  or swing, or turn there were too many full tosses and 158 was probably 20 more than they should've had. Still, we had a good looking batting line up and confidence was high as we approached the first Gina Scott tea of the summer.

Sanderstead opened up with the spinners. Peter Allan departed soon afterwards being bowled for a consecutive duck. Usman, given the opportunity to try his hand at 3 was caught at slip and the boat was rocking at 9-2. Enter the world's quietest South African, Paul Gorgolis. He and Worgan made steady progress taking the score to 59 and getting us back in charge. Paul departed to another catch in the slips, and Pete Grafton used 2 bats in a 2 ball duck to round off his W&H
season in the worst possible way. At 59-4 nerves were jangling but Qas and Mark steadily wore them down, winning ht egame with a partnership of 103. Worgy took a life and Qas played one of the daftest shots the park has ever seen, including Fowles' efforts as he reverse pulled one with 20 needed. It resulted in a good LBW shout and he was probably lucky to survive.

Showers. Utterly crap again. Thanks WBC!

So another win - 5 wins plus the Chessington fiasco in the last six. Selection tonight is going to be fun.


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