Camberley 140 AO - J Dunbar 4-46

WHCC - 144-3 - C Murphy 63*

by Paul Fortescue

A combination of a weeks holiday and a broken PC meant that the skipper woke up on Saturday morning blissfully unaware of the unscheduled moves and changes in the teams last week. Also, and perhaps more worryingly, he was also entirely unaware of who the 3rd XI players of the week were. This was compounded when a call to Matt " Hello Mate, can you tell me where I'm playing this week?" met with the reply " Actually, I was hoping you could tell me!"

After rousing Damo from his slumber, the team was announced. There was also a brief and potted history of the bewildering array of drop outs, together with a list of who had suddenly made themselves unavailable at late notice during the week.  Mattocks returned to the side, Amrender promoted to bat and keep wicket, Dunbar and Fortescue restored, and Gribbler and Shazad Hussain called up from the 4's following consistently good performances. Six changes, to a side that won last week!

Things were looking good. At the allocated meet time, at least half of the side had appeared, however, 20 minutes later there was still no sign of Ding Dong. Matt Allan immediately stuck up his hand and volunteered to keep wicket. Amrender was telephoned: in Surbiton; not great considering the game was in Camberley - pehapps he was looking for a lift from Damo and Munge, but no, he'd told Walshy he wasn't available last weekend. Panic. Calls were placed, firstly to Woodsy Jnr, who has exceeded his authority and was therefore banned by the league for a week, and then to Des, who was able to help out at such late notice.

[Editorial. Woodsy not banned by league, but by much higher authority: Mum]

The game started with little further incident. The toss was lost, again and Camberley chose to bat on a surface that has yielded over 200 in the first innings for the last five games. Wearny made a great start, having one of the openers warm Gribbers hands at Gulley for 0. Fortescue gave Worgan a regulation 2nd slip catch from the number 3 and then the Dunbar saga started.

Camberley will be disappointed with their innings. Only the Captain and Dibley made scores, with too many shots going in the air. There was once particularly Wey Valley moment. The number 4 stuck Dunbar for a boundary over mid on. Then he did it again. Worgan was posted, so he hit it again. At least they crossed. Dunbar bowled a marathon 19 overs, returning 4-45 in his first proper bowl of the season. Not a single ball down the leg side. Wearny and Fortescue were 4-47between them, Mattocks picked up the skipper, C&B after he's made his 50 and Shazad bowled his five overs for 13, taking a debut wicket in the process. 141 ao

Special mention should be made here to Matt Allan. Volunteered to keep wicket, then admitting he'd never even put gloves on before I anticipated an early change with Des on standby. But no byes is an excellent return especially on a pitch where Dunbar was able to take turn and bounce.

Tea was excellent. Even more so that the 1's were there too. More than one Camberley player commented that he felt as though he was playing away as the mass of sweaty Wokes filled up the bar.

Chasing 142 to win, Camberley opened up with a bewildering array of spinners. Worgan continued his education, playing some decent shots and looking solid before being stumped playing defensively. Tommo's innings was excellent, managing Worgy and never really looking in trouble, he registered 33 before a mental lapse caused his downfall.

Des gave us all a taste of what we can expect when he is fully qualified. Apparently they don't teach you how to drive with a truncheon, so Des bludgeoned his way with a series of pulls to 15, before being clearly disappointed after not getting hold of one properly and offering a return catch to the bowler.

Gribbler, batting at 3,  looked confident and assured, as his form and run of scores would suggest. A long innings formed the backbone of the innings. Only really looking uncomfortable when trying to get the very slow (Muir) bowler away, Gribber finished on 63*, with 4 sixes. Munge was called upon latterly to see the game home, a task which the Murphy boys completed confortably to complete a 7 wicket win.

Another good performance, solid and steady throughout. Big credit to Matt, JD and Gribbler, but a good team effort where in the field we really were a step ahead of them.

A crucial period now faces the 3's. This last win moves them to within 5 points of second place, with Guildford (4th) and Wimbledonians (1st) to come around atricky fixture at OMW (away of course.)


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