Old Wimbledonians 292-4 dec


by Paul Fortescue

This top of the table clash started off in the best possible way with a late change to the side. Nick Moon joined the team about half an hour after the meet time, due to the non-arrival of one of the other players. The fleet set off for Wimbledonians, and arrived to find the 1’s without any keeping gloves.

This game the 3’s needed to win. Before the start they would’ve taken a point and they were clearly nervous. We won the toss; it was a difficult decision, but with the depth of batting apparently at our disposal, and our good form in the field we really had to chase.

And chase we did. Almost from the start. The bowling varied, but was generally much better than 292 for not many would suggest, but a couple of early chances went begging and Charley must have had half a dozen balls fly through the air just out of reach of fielders. The ground fielding was very poor – the outfield was a shocker, as poor as the ‘fox holes’ end at W&H used to be, but all over, and the performance delivered was very poor. Perhaps the key chance was a regulation slip chance, from their centurion and off Matt’s bowling, but Nick’s hamstring had been ‘done’ for an hour already and he did well to get anything on it. To be fair, he did well to still be on the field.

The bowling and fielding has rescued a poor batting show a few times this year. We needed to see off 46 overs to take a point from the game and keep our possibilities alive. It didn’t happen.  A sequence of ‘sorry Paul’s’ trudged in from the middle as only Matt and Nick put up any resistance really. It did get better towards the end, with Couch and Peter Allan spending some time, but 113 was the pissier side of poor, to put it mildly. Matt’s 50 was by a long way the only real threat we made to them and Matt’s concentration and determination was such that he didn’t acknowledge the applause for his landmark.

On the day, they were miles and miles better than us. They seemed to care more and certainly had more focus. Not a single one of the chucked their wicket away and I don’t believe they dropped a catch. They’re bowling wasn’t great,  good enough for us and they certainly deserved to take the points. 

The greatest disappointment perhaps is maybe the number of changes is starting to have an effect on the togetherness of the side. The usual suspects were there in the changing room and in the bar later. Dulwich didn’t win, so the title would still have been within reach.


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