W&H 181 -5 dec

Richard Thompson 70

Salam Zafar 38

Camberley 123-4

Winning draw

Man of the match Richard Thompson


This week’s article gives an insight to the players behind the team. The players kindly gave up some of their free time during the match tea break to answer a few questions about themselves.

Player :                                               Mike Walsh

Role:                                                   Captain & Opening Bat

Nickname:                                          Walshie or Bradman

Favourite Player(s);                           Graham Gooch & Michael Vaughan

What do you Love about W&H:       The Bar

Interesting Fact:                                Hold club batting record partnership for any wicket in any team with Clive Moon


Player :                                               Salam Zafar

Role:                                                   Vice Captain, Wicket Keeper & Middle order  Nutcase

Nickname:                                          Not printable

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh & The Hamster

Who is the best Zafar?:                     #@~%!, Hamster #@~%!, Uzzy #@#%!

Interesting Fact:                                Declined test cricket for Pakistan to make himself eligible for the carnival


Player :                                               Richard Thompson

Role:                                                   Opening Vampire Bat

Nickname:                                          Tommo

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh & Kevin Phillips

Wolves, Blues or WBA:                    Not a printable response given            

Interesting Fact:                                Often gets confused with Jeff Thomson or a directory


Player :                                               Jamie McMahon

Role:                                                   Cheese

Nickname:                                          Bruce

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh & Shane Warne

What made you join W&H:               Mike Walsh

Interesting Fact:                                Everybody needs good neighbours


Player :                                               Aruna   Sellawaha

Role:                                                   of Honour

Nickname:                                          Need to find one

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh

Can you disclose your IPL fee :        No but got more than Salam

Interesting Fact:                                Got a higher IPL fee than Salam


Player :                                               Ben Revell

Role:                                                   Forward

Nickname:                                          Craig Revell-Horwood

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh

Who is your fav friend at W&H:       Mike Walsh

Interesting Fact:                                Favourite to win the 2008 Strictly Come Dancing


Player :                                               Hussain Malik

Role:                                                   With it, you gotta take your time

Nickname:                                          Whose stolen it?

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh

How do relax away from W&H:        Read the new Mike Walsh autobiography now available at all major retailers

Interesting Fact:                                W&H first Bosman signing


Player :                                               Alex Marples

Role:                                                   Sausage

Nickname:                                          The Murder at the Vicarage

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh

If not employed at W&H, what else: Mike Walsh kit manager 

Interesting Fact:                                In 1523 the Swedes expelled Danish overlords and elected Gustavus Vasa King


Player :                                               Samad Nawaz

Role:                                                   Model

Nickname:                                          Sam had                                 

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh & Myself

Favourite sledge:                               The one pulled by Huskies                              

Interesting Fact:                                Some say he’s the best driver at W&H but isn’t in his family


Player :                                               Paul Fortescue

Role:                                                   Detective in a thriller

Nickname:                                          Forte, Forte coming if your ready or not

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh & Ryan Sidebottom

How do you feel at the moment:       With my hands

Interesting Fact:                                His Pro40 & 20/20 intro song is Waterloo


Player :                                               Andy Crawley

Role:                                                   Mop

Nickname:                                          Creepy or a town in W Sussex

Favourite Player(s);                           Mike Walsh

Change one thing at W&H, what:     Overnight stays at Hotels prior to away matches allowing for greater preparation

Interesting Fact:                                1 nautical mile = 6080 ft or 1853.18m


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