W&H 184 ao

Dave Bennett 32

Gaghan Kumar 31

Wallington 171-6

Losing Draw

Man of the match Samad Nawaz

We meet for selection on the edge of Horsell town

We view the players and see who’s dropping down

Half my team is picked for the twos

I have the W&H outpour selection Blues


We can’t pick him this Tuesday night

He’s home only the parasite!

Tony, Damo, Jerry and Piers just can’t choose

We all have the W&H selection Blues


Next night is the Twenty/20 feast

It will be nice to get out half a team at least

Due to zombie dropouts we do lose

I have the midweek W&H twenty/20 Blues


My phone flashes up with Jerry’s name

Another dropout who’s to blame

More calls the profiits are all O2s

I have the W&H phone bill Blues


When at work the e-mails fly

The ones this week have lost Cy

Another batsman Jerry will choose

I have the W&H no batsman Blues


As the weekend nears Croydon appears

Is it happiness or is that tears

This place is like converted loos

I have the W&H Croydon travel Blues


Played six but only one at home

I long for the park the pleasure dome

Playing at home is way overdue

We have the lonesome W&H Park Blues


Saturday it finally comes

The excitement, the drama, the runs

We must do anything rather than lose

We have the W&H league Blues


Back to the club on the edge of Horsell town

To find out the scores that are going around

Win, draw or lose we hit the booze

We have the W&H Barstool Blues


Wake up Sunday morning not feeling much

I must overdosed on Munster munch

Can’t believe it was the Stella brews

I have the W&H outpour hangover Blues


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