With the 4XI being in existence for only three years the 2001 season proved more difficult off the field than on it.  Twelve games were played, consisting of 6 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws.  The biggest problem however was the availability of players and late pull outs throughout the club meant that 39 players were used.  Although the team fielded eleven players during each match it was often the case that the captain Mike Walsh's Friday nights drinking habits were seriously disturbed looking for new recruits from anywhere within the country!

With a good blend of youth, experience and madness an excellent team spirit was formed within the 4XI which will hopefully benefit the team in years to come.  Notable contributions with the bat  were made by James Dowdeswell, Robin Millar (What!!), Chris Dunbar, Mike Walsh, Alan Taylor, Sean Ireland, and Nick Moon who all scored fifties.  There were also five wicket hauls from Srikant (AKA Mandars mate!), Uzman Zafar and Peter Smith.  These performances go to show that the 4XI is very much a team effort and not just reliant on a few individuals.

The loss of Robin Millar (vice captain) will be a major loss to the team as he was a great contributor both on and off the field and will be sorely missed both by the team and the club as a whole.  Having said that, with the introduction of Clive Moons mad brand of enthusiasm, the 4th team have a capable replacement as vice captain.

Looking forward to the 2002 season, hopefully availability within the club will be more stable to achieve success and the possibility of league cricket for the 4s in years to come?

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