WHCC 132-3 - A Walker 40 - Match abandoned

by Mike Walsh

Well this match was more appropriate to JR Hartley than Bill Withers and was eventually abandoned after 32 overs of constant drizzle when the cats and dogs hammered down.

It was never going to be a good day after the skipper had the joyful task of driving Saleem to the away fixture and learning about his new girlfriend whose "logically" older (who isn't) than him!!?? and his imminent trip to Thorpe Park. Just imagine him going up and down on the carousel! (True carnival player)  It was no wonder we ended up going to Reigate by accident.

Anyway, we lost the toss and were inserted.  Mike Walsh and Andy Walker opened up with a fifty partnership which was cruelly ripped apart when Mike gloved a pull to the keeper for a flourishing six!  Andy was in a demented mood and was looking to make the most of a short boundary.  Andy, not a big fan of singles sounded like a contestant for the perverted heavy breather competition when he ran a three!  He played some crashing shots which culminated in six fours and a top edged six.

Paul Gorgolis (one of five debutants) scored a steady 33 and looked to pick things up just as the heavens opened.  Qaiser Nawaz also appearing for the first time, looked confident by getting off the mark with a forward drive through the covers for four, but gave it away by swiping across the line at a straight one for 20.

Tea was taken early. but the damage was done and the square was far too soggy to continue and the match was abandoned.

Best Lemon Tango Moment- Andy pushing the ball to leg and Mike looking for a single who was sent back by an amazed Andy and as Mike walked back to the crease he was struck on the back of the head by the incoming ball.

Best Castle Cricket Moment - Andys powerplay(!)  He made every effort to hit every ball out of the ground including a "lets dig for victory" yorker which he got under so much he almost covered the non striker in mud!

Well, the carnival is well and truly airborn and whilst Mr Walker is painting a pink fence in Denmark, the boys welcome Guildford City next week.

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