Guilford City 139-3

by Mike Walsh

The big question on everyones lips before the match was not whether tuna chunks tasted better when tinned in spring water or brine but if we could compete against last years league champions.

Before the match started the oppo skipper honestly commented that their 1st XI match was cancelled and because of that it gave them a chance to take two of their players.  They basically were the diffrence between the two teams as combined they took 6-38 off 20 overs and with one of them opening the batting and scoring a classy 59 against the cream of the 4th XI bowling. Were we London Pride or Chiswick.....no......we would have done the same thing (What the fcuk are you on about Walsh?? Talk about ramblings of a mad man - Ed)

Anyway. We had the chances to win but due to a middle order batting collapse that England would have been proud of, left us 50 runs short of a winning total.  We were inserted after losing the toss and lost the very quick wicket of Jimmy Gill (another from Rajeevs stable) who middled the ball to gully who only caught it in an act of self preservation.

This brought in Matt Allan who prepared for his 4th XI debut by munching on a prawn baguette.  How relaxed can you get for probably the biggest match of his life!  Matt was very Walkeresque both in the way he crashed the ball around and his desire for a fag!  Maybe it was following in his little brothers footsteps that turned him on.

With Matt already undone by a good inswinger the collapse started when the score was 77-2, the skipper received a delivery which to be fair would have got Don Bradman out and seven overs later it was 92-6 with Messers Nawaz and Grafton bowled leaving inswingers.

The total score of 136 wouldn't be easy to defend and was made impossible when they scored at seven an over.  Chris Wearne showed some signs of his old 4th XI form of 4 years ago but soon injured his arm.  Even with the sky falling down and with Salim wearing a marquee (Mr Smiths jumper) were insufficient to stop their easy victory.  However when both the openers went, Jas Dhillon and Smithy put the brakes on against weaker batsmen which left us pondering what might have been if we had scored more runs and not the question of whether the tuna chunks were dolphin friendly.

Lemon Tango Moment - Oppo scorer comment in our scorebook - quote "Allan hit 39 (Very impressive)"

castle Cricket Moment - Matts very impressive 39


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