Olinda Vandals 76AO - T Woods 4-14

WHCC 78-4 - P Grafton 47*

by Mike Walsh

With the Wey Valley boys looking to reverse the disappoinintg result of 455AD when the Vandals pillaged Rome, WHCC got a comprehensive win with a few hiccups on the way!

The Walsh wall was built and Olinda were sacked with a good bowling performance.  The toss was lost for only the second time this season which coincidentally was the last time we won a game!  Obviously the skipper isn't a tosser!

The centurions Rajeev and Shazad pulled out their charitots of fire and had the opposition on the back foot within the first few overs.  It took Rajeev a few overs to find the correct length on a dicey pitch but when he did the Vandals were quickly two down.  The wicket had a few demons which were portrayed by the first wicket of the day when Rajeev dug a short ball in which died on the pitch and took the middle stump only half way up.  Shazad was the pick of the gladiators and bowled a tremendous opening spell of 5-2-4-1and was unlucky not to have more victims in his net.  Legionnaire Faisel taking the catch of the day at second slip from his bowling.

The colleseum was now buzzing and the cohorts were baying for blood.  The next red lions thrown into the theatere were the Roman Candles Peter Smith and Trevor Woods.  Both kept the pressure on by bowling econimically and taking regular victims when Emperor Walsh gave the thumbs down.  The highlight (lowlight?) was very Spartacusesq (what kind of word is that Walsh!!) was Trevors attempted yorker which was nearer his toes than the batsmens and finished nearer Gribblers head than the stumps!

With half the job done the raw meat was not thrown to the lions yet and we wnet straight out looking to knowck off their total quickly.  Howevere in great tradition we batted more like Caesar Salad than a great Caesar and found ourselves staring worringly at 16-4 with Pete Grafton being dropped on the same score.

It started disastrously when on the third ball of the innings Mike received a ball that would have got Charlton Heston or Kirk Douglas out in their prime!  However, he got himself out early so he could lend his weapon to cohort Grafton.  Pete supported by Trevor batted sensibly by seeing off the opening attack and then feasting themselves on the change bowling.  Pete dispatched nine fours and finished the match by huitting the ball out of the ampthitheartre for six.  The Roman holiday was completeand the vandals destroyed (somehow!)

Lemon tango Moment - Arriving at the opposition ground early for fielding practice only to be told 5 minutes into the practice "you're not playing at this ground!"\Castle Moment(s) - Peters batting to get us out of the smelly stuff and collectively all of the bowlers, Rajeev, Shazad, Mr P Smith and Trevor for bowling the oppo out cheaply


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