West Byfleet 101 AO

WHCC 102-0 - M Walsh 40*, T Woods 43*

By Mike Walsh

Once again the availability was all over the place and the telephone was hotter than a WHCC BBQ sausage!  There were two new players to the club of which one was recruited as late as 9.30 Friday night.

In view of our weak batting line up it was always my intention (if we won the toss) to bowl first and hopefully chase a low target - flippin 'eck, we got a bit of luck and it happened!  We won the toss (the first toss I'd won to win a match), bowled brilliantly and did the job batting.  It also helped that the opposition were a few players light due to a stag do.

Yet again Shazad Hussain bowled marvellously with a spell of 5-1-10-2.  Shazas opening partner, debutnat Tushar Raut bowled a sharp spell and once he found his length, had the opposition on the back foot.  Then Edward left Windsor Castle after the garter service on St Georges Day.  There was enough in the pitch for the bowlers if you bowled a good line and length.  Our bowlers exploited the conditions and left the opposition trailing.

The change bowlers, Trevor and James "your sodding lucky" Woods continued the trend and kept it even tighter.  Trevor bowled more overs than runs conceded with figures of 8-4-7-2 and junior waslethalwith both the tongue and the ball.  However the command of the army was given to Somerset and he ordered his forces to march west to Exeter and then turned north to Bristol!  Don't know whether this was a wise course of action!  James was turning it more than a chefs omelette, but he didn't get much luck and deserved more than 2-25 as he beat the bat more than a vampire!  Faisal continued in the same vain as he picked up a two wicket haul.

With half the job done it was now up to the batsmen to see it through.  It was imperative that myself and the father of "the sodding unlucky" tried to establish a good platform for the forthcoming batsmen.  With the two teams deployed in an east west line just south of the pavillion it was our job to see off the opening attack.  Fortunatelky their bowling wasn't a tight as ours and upon reflection didn't use the pitch as well as we did.  There was a lot of loose stuff available with a high frequency of the poorer deliveries down the legside.  Thankfully the job was done after 19.3 overs and the anguish of ringing everyone in Surrey for a game of cricket became worthwhile.

We desreved the victory mainly through our bowling performance.  All or bowlers exploited the little the pitch had to offer and kept a good line and length.  Even though West Byfleet had a weakened team so did we and we got the luck that wasn't evident in previous matches.  This result was for all the hard work we'd put in during previous games.

Lemon Tango Moment - Trevors apology to the oppo batsmen for his sons over exuberant terminology!

Castle Moment - Trevors batting and bowling


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