WHCC 243-4 - P Gorgolis 96*, M Walsh 73

Wimbledon 247-7

By Mike Walsh

After speaking to some of my regular readers to this column I have been asked to mention art in my next article.  I know alot of you are artists, either of the brush or non sober kind. Therefore due to popular demand I will cover a piece which I hope will be of some interest.

Before i get into the whats and ifs of our important match agist a title contender I would like to take the challenge up of writing a piece about impressionism.  This form of art originated in the 19th century and is famed by Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Pissaro, Cezanne and Degas.  The movement gained its name in 1874 from a picture painted by Claude monetnamed impression: Soleil Levant, which showed the ray of light on water.  Thereafter, it bacame the inspiration of impression to take the scientific study of light.  I hope this small piece has poured cold water over you frustrated readers that have picketed me for art!

Anyway, the match was very competitive and the difference between the two teams was the opposition umpire, Uncle Bulgaria!

Thegamestarted verymuch like a home one.  You will be glad to know that it is not only Woking Borough Council that are the shocking side of sewage.  Wimbledon B.C not to be left out in the we can outcrap Woking B.C stakes had not opened or supplied keys to the pavillion so we had no stumps (borrowed from Old Wimbledonians) and pads and gloves were used as boundary markers until it was opened!

Won the toss and batted, and after the early loss of Orinoco (Andy) we didn't have too much trouble distiuting litter all over the ground.  Anything bowled just short of a lenght sat up and the ball went flying to the boundary over a quick outfield.  Very few scoring shots were wnything other than ones of fours.

Next in was Dave Beasant (Nick Moon) making his 4th XI debut who batted well, just like his Don days and a 66 stand was put on for the second wicket, when dave (Forest form) skied one down long offs throat.  Another sizeble partnership, 99, for the the third wicket saw the result of some positive play by Tobermory (Paul Gorgolis).  People thought he was on the Isle of Mull - well they were wrong!

Given out to a waist high full toss which at the time had no significance, but was borderline to being a no-ball, Uncle Bulgaria was the umpire.  Due to big blows from Tobermory and good support from little Dennis Wise (Rajiv Patel) we finished on a competitive 243.

The opening bowling was a bit mixed, a good spell from Alan Cork (Mansoor) and a disappointing one from, "remeber you're a womble Madame Charlais (Shazad).  Lawrie Sanchez (Rajeev) replaced the Madame and produced his best bowling display of the year. then replacing Corkie I broughtmyself on and bowled some interesting tripe!  The normal full tosses were despatched into neighbouring gardens but were unfortunately called by Uncle Bulgaria as no-balls. None of the no-balls in my opinion were above waist height and may have hit the middle of the stumps if the batsmen happened to miss such quality deliveries!

I then made an astonishing decision and whipped myself off quickly to be replaced by Nigel Winterburn (Faisel - spitting image or what!), The opposition kept up with the run rate but it soon beacme clear that we had to bowl them out if we were going o win.  After my 2nd attempt, my diplomatic chat with the team things picked up and we slowed them down by taking wickets.

As the game was drawing to a close, the last 10 overs produced excitement, more frustration that a Virgin anteater stag do, and more controversy when Nirvana fouled up their miming on Top of the Pops - Gosh!  There was a great bit of fielding (no, not a misprint) from Tony hart (Saleem) who knee slided to stop a four, picked up the ball and throw it over the stumps to Chaz (Clive) for a run out.

With a few overs remaining the impressive Corkie returned and the oppo played and missed him. they were falling behind the run rate and began to take risks.  Then a large spot of bad luck occurred!  Corkie bowled a lowish (?) full toss which the oppo batsmen whacked and was caught by a tremendous catch by Mr Beasant. Unfortunately, this like the previous full tosses was no-balled. Frustratingly we ran out of luck and this was summed up by a msitimed edge for four!  Needing four off the last over they didn't manage to win until the last ball of the match.

Frustrating result, batted well, bowled well in parts, fielding improved (could it get any worse!) but due to some unfortun ate strokes of bad luck deprived us of a victory which I feel we deserved against a potentil champion team.

Lemon Tango - Uncle Bulgaria - say no more

Castle Moment - Tobermory's flat six over midwicket


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