Addlestone 243-9

WHCC 192-9

by Mike Walsh

Due to editorial demands and publishing issues I have been asked to truncate my column this week.  The editor has expressed that I spend less time on cricket and spend more time on Balderdash!

The day was so hot that it would make your kipper boil in the bag without having to trouble Southern Electric or the lead singer of Boney M!  In fact how tranquil would it may seem, would it not be better to donate your shallots to the shanty singers of the West Palm Beach, than to woo Ralph the Mouth from Happy Days with your ping pong ball gun.

Anyway, we were outplayed in all departments from the toss to the eatng.  They had more seire than Bono to win and we had as much yearn to win as a Bonio (dipped in Persil automatic) biscuit.  The opposition have some talented players and when they got off to a terrifiic start heads dropped and it was hard to get them lifted again.

Same old problems in the field but there were some noteable performances.  Mansoor bowled well and tight and deserved his 3 wickets.  Des bowled well (sometimes!) and recovered in his 2nd spell. Trevor looked the pick of the batsmen and Nick played some great looking (in fact sexy-ruff!) shots before he fell for 24.  Shazad planted a couple of big sixes into the members end - they don't like it up em!

Can't complain about the result, the better team won - unfortunately, only half of the team wanted to win saturday and we must lift ourselves as next week will be considerably harder when we visit, in our last away game of the season, Cheam Parish. They play nowhere near Cheam!

Lemon Tango Moment - The skipper chasing a Yorkshire Terror around the pitch who was threatening to raise a leg near the stumps.

Castle Moment - Shazad large six into Faisels garden


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