Olinda Vandals 156-3

by Mike Walsh

With the end of season feeling setting in, a player arrivedso late for the start of the match it was already the first game of next season!

Even though the scorebook is falling apart (the plastic spine hoops slipping apart - most annoying) the team couldn't recapture its form from the previous week or in fact play like the 1980s West Indian team as we did in the corresponding August Saturday Bank Holiday fixture last year against Spencer.  Batting first after Spencer won the toss, the top five batsmen all reached double figures.  Notable knocks from Walsh, 40 andHasan "Dickie Bird" Khan, 37.  Awais Khan was needlessly run out for 15 when he and Gaghan were left stranded at the same end.  Salim and Clive got us some cheeky runs atthe end and we ended up on a competitive 202-6.

Our opening attack of Simon Hockley and Rajeev Marawaha soon had Spencer on the back foot at 21-4 (surely you couldn't lose a match from here!)  However, the sixth wicket put on over a hundred which nullified our spin attack of J Woods and S Zafar.  With thegameslipping away a new tact was needed.  The re-introduction of the opening bowlers, two overs of Mr Kipling from Walshand a 4-18 spell fom the quietly spoken, down to earth, friendly, I won't give any advice to the oppo whilst umpiring Hassan Khan.  S Hockley finished on 3-28 and their no.5 batsmen D Coks was starnded on 86 no.  Aaaah, what avictory, those were the good old days.

Could the memories of that victory stir the blood, well no it couldn't stirtea.  Anyway, won the toss, batted, and got a ball so good I thought I was facing Jaques Kallis at Headingley and to be competely honest, lets be totally frank about this, I'm cetain, utterly sure it would have removed gary Kirsten from the game and England would have won.

Clive playedhimself in with a Cliveesque pull for 4 from his firsat delivery.  I thought Nick wouldbe up for a score (even though hamstrung)  Hehad covered himself in Emus poo.  I wouldn't say it stunk or anything but the keepere was sofar back Ithpought Michael Holding was bowling. In fact, I wouldn't make this up you know, really, truely, that when the ball pitched near Nick it was like it hit an ivisible wall and went at right angles.  Oh yes the power of Emus poo.  Apparently Nick is a big fan of the "poo" he rubs it on fresh.  Actually I think it wouldbe ideal for Salim wrist if he stuck his arm up..........(stop, censored).

Salim top scored with 27 and faisels rearguard of 26 crept us over that second batting point.  Yet again, the bowling attack of Mansoor and Mr Peter "at least I've done it once" Smith bowled well without luck andd we only achieved one wicket in the first 10 overs.  However their second wicket put on 62 and gradually pulled it away from us.  the fielding was a mixed bag with fie performances from Mr David "I've got a radio stuck to my ear" Fowles and Mr Peter "look I've got lead in my pencil" Smith were offset by some shocking lets turn singles into fours display.

On this occasion the problem was lack of runs and if we had another fifty on the board - well huge nose.  Anyway, we didn't, we lost, they were a nice bunch of lads and it was a close competetive match at the end of the season.  Just what the crowd wanted!

Lemon Tango Moment - My spread eagle star fish impression.  The utter disbelief of a stone dead LBW being turned down caused me to lay face down on the wicket and do funny shapes!

Castle Moment - beating Spencer last year.


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