West Byfleet 242-8 - D Fowles 4-30

WHCC 179-9 - S Zafar 56

by Mike Walsh

Well, we finished the season more or leas the way we started and probably the way it existed through its course.  I've dwelled on where it went wrong during the season enough, so I took the opportunity to interview the superstars of the team for their reactions.

MW- I'll start with you vice, how do you think the season went?

Clive - Toronto's lovely in May.

MW - As a senior player you were probably more frustrated than most with the poor fielding displays, comments?

Peter Smith - I refer you to the Thames Water Sewage dept.  I'm overall concerned the quality of the colts has diminished so I've taken active steps to introduce new blood into the team for next season!

MW - Whats your favourite number?

Faisal Saleem - Ten

MW - Um, er, why do you wear number one on your back then?

FS - Couldn't afford another digit, I work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day down mine, so I can pay for my match fee.

MW - Disappointing start to the season, good finish though.  Did you feel the pressure of playing under your brothers shadow?

Salim Zafar - XXX**&&££! er ££**@@ man, I'm neraly as tall as ^^%%$$££ him, man!!

MW - Whats this about you and emus poo?

Nick Moon - Don't tell the fraud squad, it was ostrich poo, thank heavens the Wheatsheafs showers were better than the teams catching.

MW - You've played at the highest level for the club but did you feel any pressure in your comeback season when you opened the bowling in the 4s first league game?

Charlie Johnson - Becks please

Live satleitte link up - MW (holding up a Lemon tango).  Guess what you've won.

Shazad Hussain - What a load of crap.

MW - Well did you?

SH - Hey, yeah, that chocolate cake was lovely

MW - Good season?

Trevor Woods - Not really, big fat Geoff probably bought too many dodgy signings and as in recent seasons had no-one to bolster the midfield - cost him his job you know.

MW - Hows the youth policy doing?

TW - Mainly boozed - James and Mark Worgan potential 1st team capt or cricket chairman there I reckon!

MW - Plethora of runs from you.  The Greek booze must be good?

Gribbler - The Lyceum made my Peripatetic wobble

MW - Ever thought about hitting the ball harder?

Andy Walker -Yes, put me down for bar duty any day!

MW - Its a shame Shazad outtangoed you this year?

AW - You want to see my flipper next year (They call me flipper)

MW - Mr Cricket Chairman, your view please?

Rhino - Sun arise early in the morning

MW - Tell us how you really did your ankle?

PS - No

MW - Go on, I'll buy you a packet of peanuts (dry roasted of course)

PS - A fundamental premise of Paeleoanthropology rests on the contention that uneqivocal evidence of human evolution would be found in fossils of known antiquity linking modern man to extinct ancestor.

MW - Flippin' eck surprise you didn't break both ankles.

MW - Any lowlights?

Neil Cheetham - Being run out by Gribbler.

MW - Is it true that you model yourself on Kojack?

Des Cooke - Who loves ya baby?  Who wants to suck on my lollipop?

MW - No pressure mate, but whose the best 4th XI skipper

Gihan Thabrews - Ashfords!

MW - Munge you've obviously enjoyed typing my amazing reports, comments, suggestions, review?

Munge - Michael, it has been an education.  As for suggestions buy a PC!

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