Addlestone 67-2

by Mike Walsh



Charity begins at home and as the charity bus rolls it also exists away!  It was Sports Relief day and as the registered charity, the Carnival “R” Us jumped (well, actually slumped) into action.  The 4XI are now a recognised charity as they have helped and assissted such causes as Addlestone and Hamm Moor (twice), Cheam Parish, Guildford City and even donated 16 points to Temple Bar without turning up!

Sports, activities involving physical exertion and skill for entertainment.  Relief, financial or practical assistance given to those in special need or difficulty.  Well, we did not have time to exert ourselves (except Des see mad-chaff), skill, less said the better and as for entertainment we did enjoy the local constabulary fit of pique!  The relief was immense when put out of our misery.

This was more lemonade than cricket aid.  We gave away loads of freebies (wickets, runs, sordid words).  It was a glorius day for charity as the Carnival band gave away free autographed copies of their new single, “Do they know it’s cricket.”  Sir Bob rang up during the match and extorted we need more £$%^&**** runs,” or was it Saleem!)  Fas did try to blow his sax but he got a ball stuck in it, he must try and stop doing that.

The biggest disappointment for the lads was not in fact the result but the realisation that krypton was discovered by Ramsey and Travers and not Superman.  This did depress the mood in the camp but on this day of aid we were thankful for what we had due to those worse off than us, we couldn’t think of any, but surely there must be worse teams out there!?

Everyone has the choice between Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, however we chose Curly Wurly sandwiches sprayed inn deep heat.  Chewy with a strong burning aftertaste.

So, if your stuck, need assistance or help, don’t call the A-Team, call Carnival busters.  If your team can’t win and are constantly stuffed never fear the carnival are here!

The Golden Orfe Moment – The proof that times are changing in the fourth eleven, seven cars were taken to the match!

Mad Chaff Syndrome – P.C D.C -  Tremendous toy throw upon his dismissal – the cool headed bobby, before leaving the pitch, threw his bat across the ground, slung his helmet down and as it bounced, volleyed it in to the scoreboard.  Obviously had a bad week in the office!

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