WHCC 213 AO - M Walsh 73, M Worgan 35

West Byfleet 145-9 - M Kaneem 3-46

by Mike Walsh

Chapter 6

"Breakfast in America” 

Through the sponsorship of the Dutch millionaire, Stanley Miesegas, in 1969 Supertramp emerged.  Through the sponsorship of Mr J. Daniels, July 2004, some more tramps arrived, less super but suitably assigned to the title, Mr Mark, “George Best is teetotal” Worgan and a very scruffy gentlemen of the public!

Signing to A+M the band released a largely ignored and directionless eponymous debut in summer of 1970.  Normally directionless in the summer of 2004 and unbelievably ignored by the paying public, Mr Unsupertramp (laying under the tree on the boundary) voiced concerns!

The poor critical and commercial reception to the performances lead to a personnel reshuffle.  Trevor switched to lead guitar, added Fas on sax, recruited a new rhythm sectionof Mark “Oliver Reed is a lightweight” Worgan and had the backing of Clive on cymbals!

The new chemistry clicked and zoomed the new unit into major stadium players (The Park, The Wheatsheaf, West Byfleet Rec- the list is endless).  With their ecletic backgrounds of jazz funky house metal classic cricket a well crafted score became infectious with melodic hook shots.

They started with a single and solidified with a growing cult runbase.  “You lot rrr rubbish, can’t hit nowt” cried the biggest hobo under his tree.  One single lead to more singles, promotions (Mark “Gazzas dentist has fillings” Worgan, who should have batted eleven due to poor health), big plays, solos from Trevor (21), Mo Ahmed (20) and Mark “is that all you can drink Higgins” Worgan (35).  Even the encore at the end of the innings “gave a little bit.”

Even though they are big Parkside they had to breakthrough the trans-West Byfleet market.  Big hits in to the parks tennis courts were probably too subtle for the trans WB area.  However, a living breathing version of neo punk swing set out to destroy the WB charms.  Fas was saxy and debutant Kaneem blew his trumpet. The trans WB audince were listening to a music overload at 52-7 until musical differences kicked in.  Players had their minds on that difficult next game, even in the quietest moments disinteres occurred and the WB got up to 135-8.  Crisis?  What crisis?  The players performed and sent us 15 points up the charts!

Fact – Supertramp took their name from the 1910 WH Davies book “The autobiography of a Supertramp.”

Fact – Mark “Donkey Adams” Worgan was more boozed than the unsupertramp audience.

Golden Orfe Moment – Trevors opening guitar solo

Mad Chaff Syndrome – Mark “Ozzy” Worgan getting out of the car with a pillow and completely missing the door when trying to close it!


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