WHCC 260-5 - I van der Walt 151*, M Walsh 47

Ashford 240

by Mike Walsh

Chapter 5

"The Super Silly Swingball Sprint"

It was a game that almost didn't happen.  there were only five available from the previous week and the threes didn't have eleven either!  After being talked into attempting to keep the fixture the result was more than satisfying.  A rallying call was made and I would like to thank those who responded in my hour of need and made my job a lot easier than it looked after selection.  The club needs strengthening so keep the good work going.

Even though some of us passed their clubhouse we thought we would visit assorted playing fields instead.  After boredom kicked in (30 seconds) we went back to plan A and re-visited their clubhouse.  I suppose we should be thankful that some of us did not end up in Kent!

With a victory apiece for both teams this season (ironically Ashford had a walkover the previous week) it was potentially going to be a well matched fixture in view of both teams being 4th XIs.

After being inserted the ball was seaming and swinging more than a London jazz club and we were soon looking down the barrel when the score was 22-3.  We still had fresh thoughts of last weeks paltry total of 39 and an early finish looked on the cards (We are the Cardinals, we are the Cardinals.......etc).  However on his fourth eleven debut, entered Ian van der walt who slightly put a different context on things.

There were doubts and many cricket journalists criticised the decision to give ian his first 4th team cap in such an important and high profile match!  Ian answered the critics with interest with arguably one of the best knocks I've sen in my 4th team reign (he di give me quite a bit of his jug!)  It was a fantastic display which culminated in nineteen fours and a six.  Ian, when you play at a higher arena (to be honest how can it get much higher than the dizzy heights of the 4s).  Don't forget where you learnt your trade.

After a record breaking 4th wicket partnership of 218, the score finished on 260.  With a big score to defend, an attacking field was et but the bowling was generally too short and many fours were conceded.  Even though we were picking up the odd wicket here an there they were always above the run rate.  Thankfully with the introduction of Richard Franklin the brakes were pressed and we eased ourselves back into the game.

Cumberland sauce is often described as a piquant sauce made from redcurrant jelly, served with game and cold meats.

Pressure was increased by notable fielding performances from Dominic Hewitt and Ed Harman.  Dominic, the only colt player in the team, gave by far the best fielding performance and was a crdedit to himself and the team with his positive attitude and his commitment in the field.

Anyway, we finally wrapped it up after 44.2 overs, Ian fortunately squeezed the man of the match award!

The Golden Orfe Moment - Ian's fantastic batting display.

Mad Chaff Syndrome - Skied catch chance was met by Faisel and Dominic looking at each other and then running towards each other, danced the Tango and the catch was dropped.

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