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Welcome to the Woking and Horsell Cricket Club website

Sunbury 140-7
Abdul Zafar 3-25

W&H 144-2
Adam Portlock 50* Jamie McMahon 37*

W&H won by 8wkts

Believe it or not we are nearly way half through the season, where’s it gone? Therefore it’s about time we meet the squad to find out who they are and what secrets they hold!

Stephen Wernberg

Role: Captain, batsman and A&E visitor

Unknown fact: Was the 2002 South African Topiary Champion for the quickest Ibis shaped conifer.

Mike Walsh

Role: Vice Captain, batsman, ex bowler, captain, temperance member

Unknown fact: Was 5.5 millionth in line for the England test call up for the the 2nd Test v Sri Lanka at Edgbaston in 2006. Also holds the club batting record with Clive Moon.

Jamie McMahon

Role: Batsman, part time Brett Lee 90mph bowler, Bar & Website

Unknown fact: First Aussie Kolpak player at W&H due to a distant Scottish relative Robert the McMahon who fought at the battle of the Iron Bruburn

Andrew Murphy

Role: Batsman, ex opening bowler and most club admin jobs

Unknown fact: Known as M, Munge and a few other unprintable names is only called Andrew by his wife and mother. His brother is known as Gribbler which is another story

Sagar Nayyar

Role: Batsman and forward

Unknown fact: If the 13th of July is a Friday Sagar has a superstition that he has to stand on the 13th step of a 13th floor storey building drinking Earl Grey at 13:00 hours singing the Greek national anthem in Polish. Watch him next month!

Adam Portlock

Role: Batsman and honey smoked ham

Unknown fact: Would be one of the team’s five penalty takers if needed.

Andrew Statham

Role: Batsman and tree chopper

Unknown fact: His favourite book is the history of medieval Romanian dressage for the masses

Tom Harlow

Role: Batsman and Keeper

Unknown fact: Harlow has two railway stations plus there is a bus service to Epping tube station which is more than handy

Nadan Alwis

Role: Batsman and Keeper

Unknown fact: Alwis has no known train stations or tube connections

Robert Adams

Role : Batsman and Keeper

Unknown fact : Likes to wear a leather fighter pilot’s helmet whilst watching   the Simpsons and cries out tally ho when Bart Simpson gets one over Milhouse

Arun Aiyer

Role: Batsman and bowls twirlers with his cap back to front

Unknown fact: Has a scuba diving pet squirrel

Indika Fernando

Role: Batsman and 500mph reverse swinging bowler

Unknown fact: The only member of the squad not to be called up to the Leveson enquiry

Gagan Kumar

Role: Batsman and bowls with his shirt untucked

Unknown fact: Had to move in 2004 from his house No42 as people kept knocking on his door wanting to meet Sanjeev

Matt Allan

Role: Batsman and bowls with shirt tucked in (at times)

Unknown fact: The club’s chairman favourite mate. Has once looked like an Iranian woman in a turban during a match at the Wheatsheaf.

Angus Hargan

Role: Batsman and Haribo twirler

Unknown fact: One of the cricket chairman’s favourite sons. Also has nasty habit of going around bashing random people over the head with a rugby ball at local parish fayres, especially Strawberry ones.

John Dunbar

Role: Batsman (any position) and Bowler (any position)

Unknown fact: Loves to dress up in superhero costumes, please see http://www.dunbarcostumes.co.uk/acatalog/Ladies-Superhero-Costumes.html

Paul Fortsecue

Role: Wrong footed bowler

Unknown fact: Has a pre match ritual for away games only of having to throw a paisley printed pillow at a ginger tomcat. If he can’t find a ginger tom or hits another cat then his 2nd ball always gets hit for a six. Anyone notice that’s why he plays a lot of home games then?

Jack Matthews

Role: Hoopy loopy bowler

Unknown fact: The bloke who sits behind him in his school class middle name is Derek

Shahid Khan

Role: Leg twirler

Unknown fact: Has a signed passport photo of Steve Wernberg in his wallet

Abdul Zafar

Role: In the top 4 of best bowling Zafars

Unknown fact: His bat is made from the wood and scented by its blossom of a cherry tree individually selected and cut down by Andrew Statham

John Ayling

Role: Miserable wicket taking opening bowler

Unknown fact: Has a side-line of making craft jellied eels out of pink paper chains whilst donning a cowboy waist coat. Is also considering a Bobby Davro tattoo for his lead bowling arm to scare 

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