WHCC 189-8 (40 Overs)

 Weybridge 190-7 (28.1 Overs) 


Like true professionals (in spirit) the Sunday XI arrived early at the welcoming ground of Weybridge for a prompt 1.30pm start. The relaxed atmosphere emphasized by the appearance from the bar of Peter Allan holding a hot-dog in one hand and a beer in the other, along with the glorious sunshine promised a day of pleasurable cricket for the players and the growing crowd.

With a delay to the start due to a colts game still in progress, the W&H team waited with hunger (more hot-dogs were consumed) to put their fire and skill into action.

Skipper Matt won his second toss of the season and elected to bat (to the great relief of the other W&H players).

With Sam and Salam ready to take to the field, Sam received a confidence boost in the shape of a tall French brunette who wanted to take his picture - naturally he reluctantly obliged and posed for the young lady. This left Sam with a very smug grin on his face and Salam asking why she didn't want a photo of him.

And so, at 2pm the Sunday XI's second game of the season commenced.

After a solid start to a decent opening attack of bowlers, Salam was first to depart (possibly distracted by the bikini-clad girls around the boundary).

This brought Mark H. into the action to produce a fine partnership of 69 runs with both himself and Sam showing a great display of strokeplay which was a pleasure to watch  (especially when I was umpiring, and forget to signal 4 runs).

Mark made 31 before being bowled and so introducing the welcome return of Dave (Ferrari) Gianotti who went on to make 31 runs off 43 balls - a very nice knock for his first innings of the season.

Other batsmen came and went, followed by Sam but not before he made his 50 from an array of beautiful shots.

Matt Allan put on an impressive 25 from 21 balls including 14 of the last over to take the WHCC score to 189-8.

Woking & Horsell opened their bowling with Mark and Hamsar, and couldn't have hoped for a better start as Mark's first ball whistled onto the stumps.

Third ball was hit at a nice comfortable height for a clean catch - unfortunately Jerry Allan's hands were dirty and dropped the ball....... (actually, the sun lotion on my hands must have made the ball slip out).

Weybridge took the opportunity to score a lot of runs very quickly and after 5 overs they had made 50 runs.

Hamza struggled to find his rhythm and was replaced with Sam but it was Mark who took the wickets of the no. 2 & 3 batsmen.

Into the attack came Khakan who bowled a nice spell and picked up 2 wickets for 31 runs off 6 overs.

Weybridge's run rate had slowed down and W&H were taking wickets but with some exceptions, it was a struggle to support the bowlers with some rather unorthodox fielding.

Unperturbed by the abuse from a section of the crowd of lagered up footballers who repeatedly let it be known that they didn't care much for the beautiful game....... of cricket, Peter Smith stepped up to bowl. With a wicket in his second over (a very nice catch from Dave Gianotti) Smithy ended with 1 wicket for 11 runs off 2 overs.

Weybridge needed 7 runs to win with four wickets in hand. Jerry Allan bowled an over and took a wicket - this time managing to hold on to the ball (the sun lotion had dried by this point) but it was all too late as Weybridge hit the winning run the next over.

The game was won or lost depending on your point of view and the players came off to echo's of applause from an appreciative crowd who had been entertained (most of the time..... well, some of the time) on what was a very enjoyable, sunny Sunday.


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