Goodnight and sleep tight!


Agree 40 over game and two balls. Pitch is green and rolled mud and looks damp. Happy to win the toss and bat first. Scott starts as only he can and we are already looking for the ball after one over. However one hit too many and he's out, followed by Billy who is unlucky to fall to a sharp catch. At 60-2 off 10 overs we are going well until their skipper (a Saturday 1st XI bat who bowls on a Sunday) unleashes a beamer which hits Ferrari on the back of the head. Long stoppage as he is helped from the ground, blood dripping from wound and not really sure where he is. Distinctly unfunny. Not surprisingly that takes the wind out of our sails and we struggle to get going again. Paul Bennett came and went at which point Albert and Matt put on a good stand. Albert carries on as he left off last week and it's cruel fate that the season finishes just as he has got going. However in keeping with his season he is triggered LBW by young Angus Hargan for 37, the latter who is promptly replaced by his father and has the laws of cricket explained to him by both incoming father and watching Chairman who is by now acting as scorer. Numbers 7 through 10 all manage one apiece leaving Matt with only me to come. I explain to Matt that with seven overs to bat we should hang in there as Ferrari has now put his pads back on and wants to come back again. Matt promptly despatches two balls out of the ground, shattering a greenhouse in the process! I am run out for two getting Matt back on strike but not before skipper has returned to the attack and bowled another beamer, this time at me (I am wearing a helmet and got a bat on it). Billy promptly orders him out of the attack which nearly causes a riot until his teammates make him see sense. Matt is out to a wonder catch in the final over for a spirited 47 and we finish 169 all out. Probably 20 runs short but with fading light and lots of bowling hopes were high.


Their innings begins in comical style as Ryan Clark (yet another promising colt) drops their opener off Scott, only to catch an exact replica two overs later. With Paul Fortescue bowling really well at the other end they are soon 20-3. Soon afterwards the two colts come on and bowl well. Angus gets a wicket off his first ball, which was probably the worst of his full eight over spell, caught by Ryan again. Game is always going to be close as they have batting to come and four an over on a smallish ground is always on. Angus takes a second wicket in what was a very competent spell from the youngster, but they have two batsmen well set now. Neither myself, nor Albert can make the breakthrough and when Matt gets clobbered in his first over, Woodmansterne are firm favourites. However with Paul returning at the other end, Matt decides to take the game by the scruff of the neck and takes three wickets in two overs. Eight down, eight runs needed and getting very dark. Somehow their number 5 who has been out there for ages manages to crash one for four to take the pressure off and the game ends in farce as Matt slings one down the legside for four byes!!

Goodnight and sleep tight! Food for thought ... Woodmansterne play a 20/20 game on their artificial pitch on Christmas Eve!!

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