WHCC Vs Surrey Gymkhana 11th August 2002.

Once again Fingers won the toss and elected to bat first with the comedy Sunday duo of Paul Fortescue and Peter Smith. Due to all the rain of recent weeks Dave Gianotti had been called in to roll the pitch prior to the game (having graduated from lawn mowers) and this had at least made the game possible although his clutch control needs a lot to be desired as he managed to spin the rollers a few times ! The pitch was slow and difficult to score on initially and the early loss of Paul’s wickets bought Dave to the crease so the assembled masses didn’t hold much hope of the run rate accelerating. Smithy gradually started to look comfortable after edging a few early on and posted a Sunday best of 30 before leaving Dave to take on the Wanchor role. Hasan came in and hit a few impressive shots before being run out trying to run three which bought back the regular Sunday partnership of Hall and Gianotti. Prior to Albert coming in we were scoring at less than three an over but he soon settled and started to chase quick singles and put pressure on the fielding side. Dave Gianotti’s one hour ten minute head start was quickly overhauled by Albert’s attacking play which also delivered two sixes in consecutive deliveries the third attempted one leading to him being caught on the boundary for an impressive 72. In the end we finished with a score of 196 for 4 after the 45 overs allocated for each teams innings.

As usual Mandar opened the bowling and once again he caused problems with his swinging deliveries and took an early wicket but failed to dislodge anyone else as they fended him off. Des opened at the other end but soon damaged his calf muscle although it looked like a deliberate choke from our end of the pitch but at least it meant Nick Challen would get an early bowl. The early pressure was soon relieved by some big hits from their top order and aided by the Utterly Butterly sponsored hands of Paul Fortescue who dropped a couple of sitters. This at least gave us a comedy moment as post drop Paul ‘tantrum mode on’ then luzzed the ball in anger at the stumps (not even close) which sent Des sprawling to stop it. Seeing the batsmen going for another run Des then proceeded to throw the ball Exocet fashion 20 feet straight over the slip cordon and into the pavilion flower bed for overthrows!! Once I had picked up a wicket bowling tight I reverted to usual filth bowling and was soon replaced by the mighty Smith (Sports Bra required) who was soon partnered by Albert at the other end. The opposition kept up with the run rate but did steadily lost wickets and once their big hitter had been caught by Mandar we knew there would only be one team winning. While Nick was moaning about not getting his full allocation of bowling he failed to notice Fingers asking him to take over from Albert next over but his chunterring was proved correct as he finished off the tail and delivered us a victory by 44 runs.

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