WHCC v Sunbury Village

by David Fowles

Last weeks large score and subsequent victory meant we were all confident of a repeat offence but we were without the team talisman John Green. Determined not to anger the Gods of cricket to much Fingers decided to invite a substitute Green into the side (Toby) but was disappointed by his lack of girth.

Early batting was not helped by tight bowling and a few unplayable deliveries or by Dave Gianotti’s self-inflicted injuries (white feather anyone?). The middle order chipped in with a dogged display by Albert (35) and Toby (29 and caught going for one lusty six too many) and a short attacking cameo by Jayson Bird (17 including a large one over the boundary that the scorer particularly enjoyed). In the end we managed a respectable 161 for 8 declared.

Once again Mandar lead the way with some inspired tight bowling (at the start and the end of the innings) backed up by Chris Guest at the other end. The comedy section (Fowles, Awas and Fingers) then chipped in with the odd wicket but wasn’t helped by the odd misfield or dropped catch although Dave Gianotti’s catch at slip was met with gasps from the assembled masses (1. Because it was Dave, 2. Because he was a virtual cripple and 3. Because Fowles had bowled straight enough to get an edge). The real success of the day was partly due to strategy and the bending of minds in the bar before the game (the best place for all things strategic) where it was suggested that Jayson Bird would be quite useful with the ball in his hands. Once the comedy section had worn out the fielders in came Jayson (in two stints) and finished with figures of 10 overs, 5 maidens, 4 wickets for just 11 runs but unfortunately it wasn’t enough as we failed to get enough wickets to win and the match ended in a draw.

Next week Dave Gianotti faces an early fitness test with the threat of getting the two barrelled horse cure for lameness if he fails.

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