WHCC – 185 for 8 dec (41 Overs)

Kempton – 138 for 2 (36 Overs)

by David Fowles

The weather was fine early on but with the promise of rain during the day I was hoping to win the toss and bat, but once again failed. The opposing skipper though fancied his chances with the ball and put us into bat anyway at our first game at home this season.

Once again I opened with Smith and Walker and despite Andy’s early promise he got a corker of an away swinger that was edged and held in the slips leaving Smithy to deal with the whippet Gianotti. Suffice it to say it wasn’t a long wait for Dave to run another player out although the quick two looked on to the Whippet he had obviously failed to allow for Smithy’s Oil Tanker turning circle and beer assisted girth. Maybe Smithy hadn’t had his pre-match nookie this week to boost his performance but he graciously accepted the fault and was replaced at the crease by whippet number two, a.k.a. Albert.

By now the slow run rate was getting to Dave who was bowled trying to get some more runs on the board, hopefully he will return to run accumulation next week or many a fantasy manager will be angry! On the upside Albert was joined by the chip and charge positive batting of Graeme Mattocks and soon we were scoring at a much better rate. As Graeme started to score freely we were rudely interrupted by the bursting of the heavens and we took an early tea to minimise lost time. When we returned Albert played aggressive but once again got out just as it looked like he would put a quality score together, Cumar quickly followed and it began to look like a small total might have to be defended.

Fortunately the batting went deep this week and Fisherman’s Friend (Jayson Bird) came to the crease with that glint in his eye that he wanted to entertain his entourage (wife, kid and friends). Jayson started to try and cream the ball off the pitch but early on struggled with his timing. Graeme continued a WHCC tradition of making his first club 50 for the Sunday team but sadly fell on 54 to be replaced by Mo Anwar. Mo did well to support and watch Jayson as he launched three 6’s into the garage, parked cars and fence as he raced to 49 before being bowled going for one big moo to many ! At least it meant I could declare this week without the guilt trip of denying someone a landmark score !

In reply we didn’t really threaten to take wickets even with the combined efforts of anyone who could bowl. In fact the two wickets that fell were to Fowles and Smith which is a sad statistic the rest of the team should be ashamed of ! The rain, the pace of the pitch and my late declaration meant a safe draw to an enjoyable game was always the most likely outcome.


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