W&H 144 All out

Old Woking 123-8

by Graeme Mattocks

This week the Carnival was a day late and rode at full pace into town last Sunday. It seems everyone in Woking (including the President and Gina the tea lady) except the playing members and Groundsman knew that this was indeed a Home fixture and not an away fixture.......

Mouzoures and Gorgolis had already set off cross country in their 4x4's for Old Woking when a couple of chaps pulled up and took out some cricket bags from the back of their car. Now the skipper being an inquisitive sort of bloke (sometimes too much i know) put 2 and 2 together (which was a little hard after a night on the town) and enquired if they were from Old Woking. The reply was 'yes' too which my  reply 'oh s..t' and some other choice words, and  i rapidly came to the conclusion that the answer to my earlier equation was indeed 4. The fixture card was consulted and it confirmed that the game was at home....(is their an old chinese proverb which can be used here???? if not i'm sure i can event one... "before each game must look at fixture card")

Panic...Mouzoures and Gorgolis were called back from Old Woking, Couch finished his bottle of Becks in record time and went to work on the track which had been watered the previous night... the start was put back to 2:30 and everyone
pitched in with special thanks to Couch, Ferrari, Albert and Nick for getting things ready.

For this complete and utter f..k up and after a quick conference with some of the elder statesmen in the team we concluded that is only right to concede the toss and after a small deliberation their captain accepted and asked us to bat.

The track was damp and runs were difficult to come by and we had only scored 17 runs off of 9 overs before Jimmy woke up and started to hit the ball to all corners of the ground with 1 over going for 17 runs. Eventually he was out for 36 having put on 62 runs with Paul Gorgolis who was batting steadily at the other end. Ferrari did not get out of the starting blocks and was caught fishing at a wide one which prompted a mini collapse , with Gorgolis (27) and Mouzoures (0) both caught at mid off in the space of a few balls. Mattocks joined Albert at the crease and found runs difficult to come by and they only managed 10 runs in 7 overs before Albert spooned a catch upto Midwicket, Anwar followed in similar fashion.  Then came the 2nd highest partnership of the innings (23) between Couch and skipper in 4 overs before Johnson was out going for one shot too many (after injuring himself in the process) but had taken the score upto 126, Mattocks soon followed in similar fashion to that of Hall and Anwar having scored a patient 25. Thereafter the tail wagged a little and took the score upto 144.

The carnival returned at tea time with 3 of the team disappearing off to Woking and only returning half way through the first over.. Skipper was not impressed and made his feelings clear to the guilty parties.  Old Woking made a steady start and had put on 30 for the 1st wicket before Nawaz comprehensively bowled their opener. The 'Challenator' was bowling from the other end but wasn't making his usual inroads into the opposition. Cumar replaced Challen but had problems with his line and Mattocks replaced Nawaz and was getting the odd ball to turn quite sharply. Their number 3 played some aggressive shots before offering a sharp caught and bowled chance to Mattocks and Number 4 soon followed in the exactly the same fashion (lots of fantasy points...). Gill had been brought on atthe other end and the pressure was being built and he bowled 5 overs conceding only 4 runs.

The pressure was starting to to tell and the no.6 bat suicidally running himself out after not previously running anything more than a 1....(he suddenly felt the necessity to run...)  Another run out followed with some fine fielding by Hall and we were in the driving seat. Nawaz and Challen were brought back on in an attempt to clean up the tail and Nawaz bowled their skipper with a devilish ball and the oppo were 8 down with 32 runs required off of 4 overs. However the orders were sent out and numbers 9 and 10 batted out for the draw only offering one difficult skied chance to Mattocks running around from mid off to cover (although if u speak to couch he will try and convince you it was a dolly) which unfortunately I couldn't hold onto... (not for lack of trying - more likely for lack of talent and too much of a girth..)

not a bad game of cricket in the end, especially considering the circumstances.


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