WHCC 186 AO - A Mouzoures 107

Sutton 150-7

by Graeme Mattocks

After the downpour on Saturday, did not expect to play on Sunday but pitch dried out well in the Sun and wind. Sutton won the toss and put us into bat on a spongy wicket.

Another new opening pair in the form of Mouzoures and Salam Zafar opened the batting, (it was supposed to be the fine figures of Mouzoures and Mattocks but the latter being completely useless without his wife left his trousers at home.... doh)

The ball was seaming around and alot of short stuff being bowled which was going past the batsmen at shoulder height.  Zafar played sensibly for 7 or 8 overs before losing patience and played across the line to a straight one, Ferrari was at the crease for about the same amount of time his team take to change the tyres....

Meantime Mouzoures was keeping the scoreboard ticking over without releasing any of his pent up anger. Hall kept him company for a while and made a patient 10 before being out to a blinding catch in the gully by the oldest man in their team.. (Albert looked on in disbelief and from the look on his face you would think he was the unluckiest man in the world.... now was not the right time to ask him about his forthcoming house move...)

Then followed Mattocks who kept Mouzoures company for 5 or 6 overs before chasing a wide one and getting a fine edge through to the keeper. Mouzoures soon started to open up those broad shoulders, and with each swish of the heaviest bat in the world followed a mini tornado.....

Mozoures soon reached his 50 making things look easy whilst everyone else struggled. Taylor although not looking at all comfortable hung around for quite some time supporting Mouzoures, who was now intent on destroying some of the nearby buildings with some lusty blows and rapidly went on to complete his maiden 100 for the club and was eventually out for 107. The only other highlight of the innings was Shazad who dispatched the 1st ball he faced for 6 and almost won £5 from the skipper with the next ball which fell just short of the boundary....

Then followed as shocking a fielding display as one can remember and surely on par with some of the horror stories i have read from Mike 'the storyteller' Walsh match reports....

Mandar and Hussain Sr opened the bowling and Mandar should have had a wicket in the first over but square leg (Hussain Jr) had the reactions of a 60 year old instead of a 14 year old and whilst the ball was in the air for an eternity he couldn't move the yard to where the ball bounced........ unfortunately this was only a sign of what was to follow.

Hussain Sr had a few problems with his run up and no-balled on quite a few occasions,  Mandar was bowling well from the other end and found and went past the edge on various occasions but was not going to be his day as the snicks were
either too quick for our 'athletic' (or should that be another word that rhymes with it......) slip cordon or found the gap between gully and the slips.

It just wasn't going to be our day but too be honest we didn't deserve it....

Bird replaced Hussain Sr but wasn't his usual self although he did get a wicket with a well disguised slower ball which made the batsmen look very silly.. Meanwhile the skipper had replaced Mandar at the other end and kept the runs down  efore their number 6 came in and hit a few lusty blows aswell as being dropped 3 times in the space of a couple of overs!!!!  2 of them regulation catches and 1 was a superb diving effort by Mouzoures but am sure he was disappointed not to hang onto it.

Hussain Jr replaced Bird and had immediate success with a rank leg side full toss which was taken comfortably by Bird with two hands this time....(think he had learnt from his earlier mistake and lethargic attempt at a caught and bowled) A few pleasantries were exchanged between the outgoing bat and bowler (with the bat only being abt 4 times the size and weight of the bowler.. not a wise move Shazad)

Mattocks was still toiling away without much success and getting more and more frustrated with the awful fielding as each ball went by until shock, horror.. a catch was held off of his bowling by Ferrari. (thankyou Dave)

Shazad continued to bowl a mixed bag but picked up a wicket in each of his next 3 overs and there was a real chance we could win this game despite our best efforts to throw it away. However Sutton shut up shop for the last 7 overs and played out for the draw.

I really hope this was a one off performance as don't want to go grey before I reach 30....


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