The AGM on Thursday was reasonably attended and saw a good level of non players getting involved and taking personal responsibility for the clubs growth. It is however disappointing with the size of our playing membership that a higher proportion of players did not attend. A good number of items were discussed and these will be reviewed and appraised by the below list of elected members and captains.

There are challenges ahead as we move towards the 2017 season. Therefore, we would very much welcome further assistance to continue making the club a fantastic environment to play and watch cricket. Please do not just rely on the few below as its as much your club as it is theirs. A small amount of help does go a long way. Apathy will hinder the clubs growth, please do not let that happen.

Enjoy the close season and lets make the 2017 season the best.


Election of Officers

President: Peter Murphy                  

Chairman: Peter Smith

Secretary: Trevor Woods

Treasurer:  Janice Woods

Membership Sec: Tom Harlow

Welfare Officer: David Barter

Auditor: Nick Day


Election of Remaining Management Committee

Bar Chairman:       Jack Allen         

Building & House: Matt Allan

Cricket Chairman: Vacant

Sponsorship/Fundraising:  Nick Tune

Ground Chairman:  Ed Smith      

Football Club liaison:  Trevor Woods

Social Chairman: Vacant       

Colts Rep.: Neil McPherson

Communication & Media Manager : Mike Walsh

Other Committee Members:  Tim Keene and Johnny Ayling


Election of Cricket Sub-Committee and Captains

Cricket Secretary:  Vacant

Surrey Championship League Representatives: Tom Harlow & Nick Tune

Colts Manager: Neil McPherson

Fixture Secretary: Ramesh Parthasarathy 

1st XI Captain : Tim Keene        

1st XI Vice: James Woods 

2nd XI Captain: Malcolm Eddington       

2nd XI Vice: TBC

3rd XI Captain: Tom Harlow

3rd XI Vice: Matt Allan

4th XI Captain: Ralph Lumby

4th XI Vice: Peter Smith

5th XI Captain: Simon Nixon

5th XI Vice:TBC

Sunday XI Captain: Martin Peters

Sunday XI Vice:TBC

Sunday 2nd XI Captain: Charlie Eve

Sunday 2nd XI Vice:TBC

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