Ever wished you had £55 million going spare? If so what would you spend it on? Art, Yachts, Mansions on the hill or a Premiership footballer running around your back garden?

Well, wonder no more, now is your chance to blow millions on Woking & Horsell's finest array of talent or more appropriately overpaid sporting egos.  It's about time Tim Keene and Charlie Eve played in the same team.  Why not open the bowling with Phill West and Alex Wicks for a change? Now's your opportunity to rectify this, so put your money where your mouth is and pick your Woking & Horsell dream team.

Our very own Matthew Wilson has kindly created the league. The rules are available on the website link below, as well as this brief overview. The points will start accruing from the weekend 6th May, so get involved.


  • Players should register at http://whcc.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk
  • Entry is £5 - 50% of proceeds will go to club funds and 50% to cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 
  • Each team will have 11 players and a budget of £55 million.
  • Saturday and Sunday games will both accrue points.
  • Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week. You may change your captain each week if you wish.
  • Every team must contain 4 x batters, 4 x bowlers, 2 x all-rounders and 1 x wicket keeper.
  • All players are eligible to earn points of any type. Batters will get points for taking wickets and bowlers will get points for scoring runs.
  • Each payer can make unlimited transfers in the pre-season and 1 free transfer each week thereafter (any extra transfers incur a 20 point penalty).
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