On Saturday 2 September we be holding the ninth annual Woking and Horsell awards, following our final league games, to celebrate the good, the sublime and the totally ridiculous that neatly sums up a W&HCC season. As is usual, we have had plenty of all three this year and there has been lots of discussion as to who will win what.

We will be presenting a Player of the Year for each of our seven teams as well as Batsman, Bowler, Fielder, Young Player and Clubperson of the year so there is much to play for as we enter the last couple of league games this season. We will also be presenting many other awards to those whose season may not have hit the dizzy heights of those winning official awards or those that simply have no idea where the ground they're playing at actually is!

The event will be held at the club as soon as is possible after our final league games, bearing in mind the threes are at Battersea, so please get back to the club as soon as you can.

This is always an extremely popular and well attended event so make sure you get it booked in your diary as soon as possible. You never know, you may win something! We hope you can make it. 

W&HCC Awards committee

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