A lot of people put a lot of work in behind the scenes to ensure that we can all have an enjoyable game of cricket at the weekend. From the committee, to those tending the ground, to everyone making teas, to those running the bar. 

We all have a responsibility to assist that hard work by helping to keep the club clean and tidy after every single match by putting away chairs and taking glasses and rubbish back to the bar. There have been several instances already this season of the club having been left in a mess after a game. 

It is OUR club and our job to keep it tidy no matter which team we are playing for that day. Please encourage others to do the same. Thank you.


In addition to this, we also require some bar help for various parties that we hold over the summer. They are a key source of income to the club and help keep the price of cricket lower than it may otherwise be. 

If you can assist the running of the bar on any of these dates please can you let Trevor Woods know...

Thursday 4th July from 5pm

Thursday 25th July from 5pm

Friday 26th July from 4pm

Monday 29th July from 4pm

Friday 2nd August from 5pm

Friday 9th August from 1pm

Sat 14th September from 7pm